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More Summer Adventuring Ideas

Yesterday I started a post about things to do with your kids for the summer that are free or cheap to do.  I gave you 3 ideas.  Museums, Libraries and gardens.

Today, I will give you a few more ideas.

4. Movies.  In our community, there is a movie theater that does a 10am kids movie, 3 days a week now because it has become so popular.  The cost is $3 a person, up from last year when it was $2.  Still reasonable.  There are also several places where you can go watch a movie outdoors.  Our bank, our church and at least one park in the area stages an outdoor movie night at least once a month.  There they play family friendly movies and serve popcorn.  Its a fun night.  If you don’t have something like that near you, you could go get a bunch of family movies from your library, and on a hot or rainy day, spend the day watching movies.  Invite some friends over.

5.  State parks.  Get a State Park sticker and you can go anywhere!  There are parks all over that are fun to go to, that you don’t even need that for!  Go to as many parks as you can over the course of a summer and find some new favorites.  We have parks with splash pads, pools, and amazing play equipment.  There are parks with amazing beaches and fun streams.  Don’t forget fishing!  (just be sure you have someone who can take them off the hook with you!)  Take a picnic, maybe a camera or drawing pad and go see what you find!

6.  Find a city nearby.  Go explore it.  You don’t have to buy anything in the shops or places you go to.  But you can find some fun things to do in the city.  Find the sculptures and take funny pictures.  Meet some new people.  Try some new foods if you like.  One year we went downtown in the big city near us and found food trucks, one was a local grocery store giving out free samples of fish tacos.  We don’t have food trucks in our small community, so that was a fun treat!

7.  Farm markets.  This is my personal favorite. There are so many fun people to meet and new foods to try.  There are always things going on there and we all need produce anyways.  Might as well get the good stuff straight from the garden and enjoy our time doing it!  Ours often have free entertainment besides all the fun foods and products to enjoy.  Look around your communities, there is probably a farm market today or tomorrow somewhere near you.

What are your favorite things in your community to do or see with your kids??  Have you found a gem in your community that others should check out??  Tell about it and then link back to my blog.  I would love to hear about it!




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