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Happy Father’s Day

As you all know, by the amount of Daddy, Fathers, Dad, Pa, Pop posts on fb, and other places, it was Father’s Day yesterday.

I am a day late again.

Its a great day to celebrate all the amazing men in our lives.  Most of all, the Dads.

I have an amazing Dad.  I have written about him before.  No he isn’t perfect but he is my Dad so in my eyes, he is!  My Dad played on the floor with us when we were little, let us follow him around and get in his way when he worked on projects in the yard.  Took us on the tractors when he mowed the lawns.  Taught us how to drive.

He loved on us and rocked us when we cried.  He taught us how to catch a baseball and then hit it.  He taught us how to get the work done and then enjoy what we have.  My Dad taught me to do what was right.

My kids Dad, my husband, is the same way. He plays with the kids on the floor.  He walked and rocked them all when they were babies and they cried and cried.  He patiently walked and rocked and jiggled and talked.  He played on the floor with them, he wrestles with them.  He plays catch with them.

He teaches them how to fix their cars, how to weld.  How to build stuff and fix stuff.  He taught them to fish and drive the boat.(well, if your gonna be careful..  VERY VERY careful!!)   He teaches them to do what is right.

Hugs and Kisses are total bonuses!  (make sure you put on lipstick or chapstick before you give my Dad a big ole’ smack on the cheek!  He LOVES that!! hehe..)

Being a Dad is so important.  There are so many more things Dad’s teach their kids.  Empathy, patience, love..  And so much more.  Teaching our sons to be good Dad’s and husbands is what its all about.   Teaching our daughter’s what a good Dad/Husband looks like is so important.

Thanks so much to my Dad and my Husband for being such amazing Dad’s!!

I Love you guys!!





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