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Its About to Rain Again…


Last week has been kind of crazy!  We took that fun trip the other day to Kenosha, which was quite the full day really!  I tired out a whole bunch of parents!  The kids??  Not really..  Though, I would imagine the little ones slept all the way home.  We had 5 families and 17 kids.  It was a blast!!  jellybelly

Then Thursday, I started the laundry.  And weeded the gardens.  We got 3 new trees planted that day.  They are huge and we bought them for a reasonable amount, but because they were so huge, we had to pay to have them planted.  Ouch, but worth it!

a good look at 2 of the new trees. The third is hidden. I couldn’t believe how big they are!! They had to use a bobcat to move them!

I probably should have spent more time cleaning the house.  It kind of needs it.  Badly..  I need a housekeeper!  Maybe I will work on that today.. Cleaning I mean, not necessarily getting a housekeeper.

Yesterday was quite the day!

I went strawberry picking with a friend. Just me and a friend.  No van full of kids.  No kids at all actually.  It was kind of odd.  And then I had to pick the box full myself!  So weird.. The berries are amazing- big red and juicy!  We now need a few good sunny days to ripen the loads of them on the plants yet.  I put 4 quarts in the freezer, I think the kids ate 4 quarts while I was gone yesterday afternoon, and I have a bunch in the dehydrator and in the fridge.  Today, I hope to make some treats.  Like a strawberry/rhubarb crumble! YUM!!

Or maybe I will just clean the house.  Let’s see… Baking treats??  Cleaning the house…. Baaaking Treats??  cleaning the house…  BAKING TREATS???  clean the house.

I will let you know later which wins!! (I did clean the house and later, I also baked treats!!  One of which I was going to take to church, but I forgot.  Its now in the freezer for Saturday.)


I also got to go to a huge rummage where I found all sorts of fun treasures!  But even better, after when I realized where I was, I went over the mill where I like to get my chicks.  Yep- I bought 10 new babies!  They, of course, are adorable!  Right now, they are stationed in my sun room.  I will get them a more permanent residence in the next few days.

new chicks are always adorable! 10 new babies.

Then lunch with my sister in law.  YUM!!  We had a great time catching up!  Unfortunately, I spent most of the time talking about my own stuff.  I kept her kids overnight, so today we should get a little more time to talk.

I love watching the kids play together!  Yea they fight sometimes, but they work it out.  No, I do not tell them what to play, other than- turn off the video games and get outside.  The sun is shining its a beautiful day, get outside!

(I am sure there is a name for this sort of parenting philosophy but I don’t know or care what it is!)

Hope your day is amazing!!  Maybe it will rain and make me clean the house and bake treats…..





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