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Its About to Rain Again…


Last week has been kind of crazy!  We took that fun trip the other day to Kenosha, which was quite the full day really!  I tired out a whole bunch of parents!  The kids??  Not really..  Though, I would imagine the little ones slept all the way home.  We had 5 families and 17 kids.  It was a blast!!  jellybelly

Then Thursday, I started the laundry.  And weeded the gardens.  We got 3 new trees planted that day.  They are huge and we bought them for a reasonable amount, but because they were so huge, we had to pay to have them planted.  Ouch, but worth it!

a good look at 2 of the new trees. The third is hidden. I couldn’t believe how big they are!! They had to use a bobcat to move them!

I probably should have spent more time cleaning the house.  It kind of needs it.  Badly..  I need a housekeeper!  Maybe I will work on that today.. Cleaning I mean, not necessarily getting a housekeeper.

Yesterday was quite the day!

I went strawberry picking with a friend. Just me and a friend.  No van full of kids.  No kids at all actually.  It was kind of odd.  And then I had to pick the box full myself!  So weird.. The berries are amazing- big red and juicy!  We now need a few good sunny days to ripen the loads of them on the plants yet.  I put 4 quarts in the freezer, I think the kids ate 4 quarts while I was gone yesterday afternoon, and I have a bunch in the dehydrator and in the fridge.  Today, I hope to make some treats.  Like a strawberry/rhubarb crumble! YUM!!

Or maybe I will just clean the house.  Let’s see… Baking treats??  Cleaning the house…. Baaaking Treats??  cleaning the house…  BAKING TREATS???  clean the house.

I will let you know later which wins!! (I did clean the house and later, I also baked treats!!  One of which I was going to take to church, but I forgot.  Its now in the freezer for Saturday.)


I also got to go to a huge rummage where I found all sorts of fun treasures!  But even better, after when I realized where I was, I went over the mill where I like to get my chicks.  Yep- I bought 10 new babies!  They, of course, are adorable!  Right now, they are stationed in my sun room.  I will get them a more permanent residence in the next few days.

new chicks are always adorable! 10 new babies.

Then lunch with my sister in law.  YUM!!  We had a great time catching up!  Unfortunately, I spent most of the time talking about my own stuff.  I kept her kids overnight, so today we should get a little more time to talk.

I love watching the kids play together!  Yea they fight sometimes, but they work it out.  No, I do not tell them what to play, other than- turn off the video games and get outside.  The sun is shining its a beautiful day, get outside!

(I am sure there is a name for this sort of parenting philosophy but I don’t know or care what it is!)

Hope your day is amazing!!  Maybe it will rain and make me clean the house and bake treats…..





4 thoughts on “Its About to Rain Again…

  1. Your parenting style is called “GOOD” Parenting! When does the Jelly Belly factory close for good?? We’ve never been there! ROADTRIP!!!!! If you ever need rhubarb, I have a bunch!


    1. Hehe… I have been informed of the “facts” of parenting styles… I believe jelly belly closes on July or August, not sure exact dates. Should be on website?? And I will absolutely take some rhubarb off your hands!!


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