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Possibilities Breaking Out

This is one of those weeks.  You know the ones.  The ones in which everything you want to do creatively doesn’t work.  If you knit, the yarn knots.  If you draw the lines go the wrong way.

If you write, the words don’t line up right.  Everything I wanted to write looked wrong, came out wrong..  Writer’s block can’t happen when I only get a few minutes at a time to sit here at the computer before someone calls my name or some other thing needs me.

Or I get distracted by anything and everything.  Chocolate…  Ice cream..  Cats. Dogs.  Chickens.  The wind.  The list is endless.


Other than that, we have had a good week together.  A bit humid but nice.

Trying out the “surfboard”.

Possibilities Playground in Port Washington is amazing.  Lots of room to run, to use your imagination and play!  I listened in on a few kids playing “house” in the lighthouse part.  They needed to go grocery shopping.  It was important, to get some food in their house!

The boat area moved!  The steering wheel sounded like a rain stick.  We balanced on beams, walked through obstacle courses, slid down slides, swung on swings….  There was even a sand box area!

Yes, I still like to play in the sand.

hanging out on the playground…

After that we walked down to the beach.  Lake Michigan is still pretty cold- it always is, but it is still June and its PRETTY COLD. But they went in anyway because, well, water.  Water is meant to be played in, in our opinion.  The sun was warm so they warmed up pretty quickly.  We had a nice pile of fun rocks and practiced skipping rocks, but none came home with us.  Lots of sand, but no rocks.

bathing beauties…

Its the closest thing we have to the ocean around here and, quite frankly, I like it.  I like the sound of it, as the waves come up on the sand.  I like the look of it since you cant see the other side and it just seems to go on forever.  Other people who know what oceans are like, turn up their noses because, its not an ocean.  But I still like it.

The kids’ mother, yes that is me, forgot to bring the bread for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I had sort of packed some food to bring, but we had a lot of things happening that morning, and I guess I forgot the part that makes a sandwich. Oops…  We had apples, granola and chips to eat and lemonade to drink so they didn’t starve.  Put some peanut butter on the apple and you will be fine.  It’s just a little messy.

We stopped at Culver’s on the way home.  Many of you don’t have a Culver’s near you.  I am so sorry. I would be happy to share Culver’s with you.  Its a fast food chain around here that also serves custard.  Burger and custard places are important food choices.  Who has the best custard today??  Amaretto chocolate?  Boston Creme?  Caramel Cashew? Peanut butter cup??  Personally, I would head to the Peanut butter cup location.

Yes, there are that many custard places near us that we can choose what place to go to by the flavor they are offering.  On occasion, we do.  (not often, since there is always ice cream in our freezer.  Kind of a staple around here.  And I wonder why I can’t lose weight??!!)

We did eat burgers and fries before we ate our custard.

YUM!! Butter burgers are not my favorite- I think they are too thin. Custard, however… Delicious!

Yesterday, Hubby and I drove around looking at new vehicles for him.  His work truck, well..  Its time for it to be replaced.  We found him a nice vehicle which I will unveil next week I think.  You will really like it.  Or hate it.  It seems that with these vehicles people either like them or hate them.  We like them.

You can guess what it is in the comments if you like.

This weekend is a busy one for us.  A graduation party and a baby shower.  I may be wrong, but it seems to me that not many people can say that they have a baby shower and a graduation party in the same weekend, for the immediate family.

Maybe you have. If you have, did you have to sort through some emotions that you did not expect??  Just wondering.

I will post pics next week of that as well.

Have a great weekend!




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