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The Babies Are Doing Well..

Yep.. Here are some pictures of them.  We put them in the chicken tractor last night and they seem to really like it.  I have to add a “house” of sorts so that they have a warm spot to go yet.  They should really have it warm yet.

Last night, I added a tote bin to keep them warm because, even though it is almost the 4th of July, it is still pretty cold at night.  They seemed to need it because they all pretty quickly decided that little tote bin was a good place to be and they all huddled up under the lamp.  I hadn’t gotten the house cleaned up, adjusted for use for the chicks, and in the tractor yet.  I will work on that today.

One more picture showing off the roof closed. I have the light still in there and will put in a “house” of sorts so that they have a warm spot in the rain or at night.
Loving their new area.. We added a couple of logs for them to perch on after I took this picture.
Here are the new babies right after we got them home. They are now starting to get their permanent feathers. We have had them about 2 weeks now.
The boys did a great job building the frame. Dad finished up the roof and some other parts.


Yes, we still do things around here a little “seat of the pants”.  My goal is to get a chicken house and run built this year which will include a brooder.  This chicken tractor will be the home for the meat chickens.  I am getting my first batch the end of July, so by the middle of August, until they are butchered they will spend their time in here.  They will be able to graze on the grasses and bugs and dirt.  Chickens favorite dishes!  Hopefully, I can have a second one built and get a second batch going at the same time.

We have so many ideas of things we want to do.  We still talk about peacocks and quail.  Ducks are also high on the list, as are turkeys.  I would like to do turkeys again, but I need to have the pasture fenced a little different because I would like them to graze out there.

Lately, there has also been talk of meat rabbits.  Not a bad idea, easy to raise and keep.  Good meat.  I just don’t know that there is enough market around here for them.  Eventually, we will figure this whole farming thing out.




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