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Freedom in the US??

 Bah. Less and less freedom.

In the US, where we have been given free speech, I cannot tell you about the oils I use.  The FDA tells me I cannot tell you that Clove oil has the highest OREC rating of any compound out there and can be used to cure many things.  You will not find that on any current website or current literature for fear that the FDA will crack down and close the company up.

I can lie to you and tell you some vague things about oils.  I cannot tell you anything about what I have learned about the oils over the years because the FDA will crack down and fine me.

Be afraid America.  Be very afraid.

I cannot talk to you about my Christian beliefs. That might offend someone.  I can however, lie to you and tell you everything is all right.  I can lie to you and tell you things from the Bible in a way that is considered politically correct, wrong, but inoffensive.  But if I am a gay person, I can tell you anything I want.  I can spread the lies that have been perpetrated by the LGBT and our current government and media.

Schools teach that you can be whatever you like today.  Fireman, doctor.  Boy. Girl.  Both. Some parents are jumping on that bandwagon and allowing their kids to choose which they want to be, completely disregarding anatomy.  Apparently, the facts can be ignored.

Bruce Jenner has now come out and told us all he wants to be a woman.  The media is all over it, encouraging him.  I open my yahoo and all I could read about for a time was about Kaitlyn Jenner as Bruce is now called.  So sorry, but I DON’T CARE. If he wants to be a woman, fine.  I don’t want to have to know and read about it all the time.

But I am not supposed to say anything about what I think, especially if it goes against popular belief because someone, anyone, might get offended.  We could lose our business.  We could lose our house.  Because I said what I think and it’s against popular belief.  It’s even against what my kids are learning in school.  I am even worried about posting this on my OWN blog.  I am afraid to say what I think. I am afraid to state the facts for fear of repercussions.

So I do not have religious freedom, but you do have freedom to say and do anything you like??  And you will get the courts, the schools, the laws to agree with you, but my constitutional right to religious freedom is totally ignored??  My Constitutional right to freedom of speech is totally ignored?

Doesn’t that scare anyone else?

What is happening all over the world should scare us.  Scare us into ACTION.  We have to step up and do what is right.  Certainly not in a hateful militant way.  That has worked for the other side, but will not work for us.  We stand up for love.  We are a people of LOVE remember??  2 Corinthians 13, LOVE NEVER FAILS.  We have got to stand on that place and in that place.  And we canNOT be afraid to say the truth in Love.

Recall that Jesus changed the world.  Yes, he did actually overturn tables in the temple.  To our knowledge, it did not start a riot.  He did call the Pharisees and Sadducees names.  But, he did not start a war.  He tried very hard to get them to listen but they would not.  He changed culture with love.  I have read several times that even if you do not believe in Jesus, you do have to see how He did change the culture.  That has, well until this age, been an established fact.  If you look at history, and realize how he changed culture, especially for women and the oppressed, you have to admit, even if you don’t believe He was the Son of God, as I do, He did change the world.

Look at how He did it.  He did not go suing people because they did not give him what He demanded.  He LOVED them.   Love does not look like acceptance.  Do you really believe He didn’t KNOW that Judas was a thief and stole money from the money box?  Do you really believe He didn’t KNOW Judas was going to betray Him??  How about the woman caught in adultery?  Do you really think He agreed with what she had done??  How about all the other people who sinned, turned away and followed Him??

He did not stage demonstrations.  He did not change the courts and the laws of the lands.  He went to the people and changed, healed, delivered, loved on them one by one.  Many by many.  He changed hearts with love.  He met them where they are at.

I have to admit, when I saw even the WordPress top banner in rainbow of colors the other day, it may me sad.  It was not a day to rejoice.  The reality is that the whole thing has NOTHING to do with freedom, but everything to do with removing it.

Happy Fourth of July everyone.  May you consider what this day really represents to America.







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