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There are so many things we anticipate aren’t there?

I looked up the meaning last night, after my friend gave me this word.   Here is what it actually means, courtesy of (because of course, I don’t have several dictionaries right downstairs so I have to look things up online….)


  1. The act of anticipatingor the state of being anticipated.
  2. Realization in advance; foretaste.
  3. Expectation or hope.
  4. Previous notion; slight previous impression.
  5. Intuition, foreknowledge, or prescience.
  6. Law. A premature withdrawal or assignment of money from a trustestate.
  7. Music. A tone introduced in advance of its harmony so that it sounds against the preceding chord.

I am not a music person, so I don’t know much about #7, nor do I understand much about law, but I do see 1-5 in my life.

We are in the state of anticipating currently, as we wait for first grandson to be born.  Married daughter is in her last few weeks of pregnancy, looking great and doing well.  He is due to arrive sometime around the middle of August, so we have a few weeks yet of anticipation to go.  Married Daughter and Son in Law have the room all set up.  They have gotten tons of wonderful baby gifts, and should be pretty much set.

They are at the point where there isn’t much left to do but wait for little one to make his appearance.  That is the hard part about anticipation.  Waiting.  Personally, that last few weeks, for me and most of us, is the hardest part.

bounty from a farmers market..  Earlier than my own gardens!!
bounty from a farmers market.. Earlier than my own gardens!!

Realization in advance; foretaste.  Walking through the early farmers markets, looking at all the early produce they have worked hard to produce for us, gives me an advance taste of what I will get in a few short weeks here in my gardens.  Now, I am starting to get some lettuces, chards, a few peas, baby carrots and a zuke!  I was even able to pick a handful of beans from my garden this week!

A pic from last year of some of the tomatoes from my gardens.  Soon!!
A pic from last year of some of the tomatoes from my gardens. Soon!!

I was a late, fair-weather gardener this year.  It was cold and rainy for much of the spring and I didn’t get my garden in until June.   I did get a few things in early, but they are only just starting to produce as well.  I am anticipating a good harvest coming soon!

Last night, I harvested enough wild blackberries around my backyard, to make a yummy dessert.

Expectation or hope…  As we raise our kids, we have expectations or hopes for each one.  As they get through high school and into their careers or schooling, most thus far have not gone the traditional route of going off to school right away, our expectation or hope for each is that they are productive members of society.

Yes, you saw that.  I want them to be productive members of society.  I want them working to support themselves in whatever way they want, but supporting themselves and serving the community in whatever they do.  Eventually, they figure out the route they want to go and some have gone on to further schooling or apprenticeships.  They have paid their own way, owe no one for their college expenses, and have certificates or degrees or completed apprenticeships.  They can further their education along the way.


Our first wedding. So sweet!
Our first wedding. So sweet!

In our family, the kids are anticipating adventures and events.   We anticipate the arrival of First Grandson, school for next year, fun times together.  We anticipate the gardens producing lots of yummy things for me to process and store for the winter.  Last years anticipation of the big WEDDING!!!  Almost 1 year ago!

OH!! And of course, ANTICIPATION of birthdays!  Be sure to tell Hubby Happy Birthday today!!!  Happy Birthday HUBBY!!!!  LOVE YOU!!!

I have an incredible husband!!
I have an incredible husband!!

We use our intuition and previous impressions to anticipate things to come, people we meet or events to happen.  For us, county fair has always been a big anticipation of fun times.   This year, we didn’t take part in 4h so we will not be attending fair much if at all.  The first year in a long time.  But it will be ok. We will just do something else around that time.

When I looked up “anticipation” at, they had a word of the day.  I thought I would share it with you because I liked it!
Sobriquet.  Noun.  French.  SOH-bruh-key.  A nickname. 

I am hoping to use this word sometime today!  Let me know if you were able to use it in the comments.  What are some things you are anticipating?  Let me know, I would love to hear about them!

Blessings on your anticipation today!



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