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What Made Me Smile This Week?

1.  The flowers are blooming.  The seeds I planted are coming along nicely and will be blooming soon. But the plants I planted are blooming beautifully and flowers blooming always bring smiles!

2.  I picked beans the other day from my little bean patch.  I kind of forgot to put in more beans so I only have a little one for now, until the beans in the community garden come up.  We had enough for dinner the other day.

3.  Dinner the other night- CORN on the COB!!  Roasted on the grill!!  SUMMER IS HERE!!!! The thing we look forward to all year; corn on the cob, fresh, roasted on the grill with a side of new red potatoes, tossed in those green beans, butter and salt.

Life is good.

4.  Barney had a rider on his back for the first time in a long time!  He even just calmly put his head down and ate some grass.    Could be he just missed having his owner sit on his back and he was in heaven…….  He loves that girl!

5.  Found wild blackberries growing in the weeds along the borders of our property.  YUM!!

6.  We are off on another adventure today!

Its a good week!  I guess food makes me happy!!

What has made you smile this week??




2 thoughts on “What Made Me Smile This Week?

  1. OOOOOOH!!!!! Corn on the cob???? AWESOMENESS!!! And wild blackberries???? That is so awesome!!

    Things that are making me smile:
    — This post!!
    — We are FINALLY making hay today!!
    — I’m spending the weekend with my Grandparents!!
    — I’m going to my best friend’s graduation!!
    — 😀 smiley faces!! (i love those emojis!!)

    I’m glad we’re both having a good week!

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