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What Has Made Me Smile This Week???

It has been a good week around here.  The only bad thing is that not enough jobs got done and not enough ice cream!  Sorry, but we have a long list of jobs that need doing around here and well, we have all been busy so they haven’t gotten done!  Some weeks are like that I guess.

sigh….  Next week will be better!!  More beaches and more Ice Cream- Or custard if you are from around here!!

Things that made me smile this week:

1.  The other day, I used a “Love and Logic” technique on my kids.  I have been using them a bit more often lately, but this one really hit it out of the park!!!

They were crabby all day..  Just in a mood.  They wanted to go in the pool so I said they could.  Immediately, I heard cries of “Idiot” and the like.  I left them for a bit to see what they would do.  It just escalated into demands of rules that not everyone wanted, crying, yelling. You know how it goes…..

Well, I walked out there and calmly said, “Seems like you could use a referee.  I would be happy to be that referee, but it will cost you $10.”  They got quiet while they pondered that one.  But said no.  They would be fine.  So I sat down near the pool and waited.  Of course, it started up again.  I again said I would referee, but they again said no.

When it started again, I got up and said, “Ok, I will be your referee, it seems you need one.  That will be $10 from each of you, please.”

That did it!  They were so mad at me then, they yelled and cried.  “I don’t have that much money!”  I just quietly watched and waited.  They got out of the pool, got dressed and one of them got me money!!  I then gave them jobs to do so they could earn the money.

The next day, when that started, all I had to do was say, “I would be happy to be your referee.”

It stopped immediately.

I smiled.

2. I had coffee and then lunch with a sweet friend yesterday.  We had a great time discussing the “Classical Conversations” homeschool group we are starting this school year.  I am starting.  She is continuing.  Of course, as it is when we get together with friends, that only took up a portion of our time together!  The rest of the time we talked about life in general. What fun!

I discovered we are true Sisters.  We both eat our french fries with Mayonnaise!

3.  Today, I get to go on a long awaited field trip with some of our community gardeners.  Not many, unfortunately, because it has been so hard to get us all together.  Our lives are so different.

A grown ups field trip to a garden center- quite a large one I hear!  A few other shops, hopefully, and dinner out.  Should be a fun afternoon.

4.  Realizing as I am doing this, that I have had 3 nights of prayer this week.  AND 3 days of friends!  I had a good bye lunch date with a friend on Monday as well!  That was really a nice afternoon.  Sad to see her go, but happy she is chasing her dream!

It has been a good week!  What made you smile this week??





18 thoughts on “What Has Made Me Smile This Week???

  1. The referee bit is pure genius. Why didn’t I think of that? Of course, my soccer girls might have turned on me like they dream of doing to a real ref.

    I too love mayo with my fries. Yesterday I tried something even more delicious: Fries with tartar sauce. Ever dipped?


    1. Love tarter sauce with fries!!!
      They may have, but in our case, worked beautifully!! Tweek it to work with the ladies, if you need to. But I am sure your girls would never argue or fight!!


      1. What my girls get wrapped up in with each other is so bad that if they polished it and bleeped out the foul language, it could be upgraded, possibly, to arguments and fighting.


      2. Well hopefully we are not raising a bunch of animals! But recall the mother lion and wolf would discipline their young with a good smack!!! I learned a lot from those shows!!!


      3. No more animals than the last generation. It’s all good-spirited and sharpens their instincts for when they’re on their own in the wild to forage and hunt.


      4. Oh yea- that is always my favorite. Specially when you just get done saying something like, my kids are doing so well at such and such…..
        After reading your guest post today, I would guess your ladies are pretty well behaved for the most part! Sure they have their moments, don’t we all.. But they have a Daddy that loves them very much and its totally obvious!! Blessings, Vicki


    1. I will try to get you up to date as I go through all this stuff! Its totally new to me, so I am re-learning how to home school this year!! I will check out your blog!

      Liked by 1 person

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    1. I do like your new site. It looks great and it looks like I can learn quite a bit from it. Thanks so much for taking the time!
      3 daughters- what fun!
      blessings, vicki


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