Homeschooling; Classical Conversations

I spent the day with a friend yesterday, sorting through the homeschool method that is called “Classical Conversations”.

I am a bit overwhelmed.  Thankfully, so is she, so I am not alone in this.

Its going to be a very different method than I am used to.  For years I have been more Bible-based, Literature- based, with some science and math thrown in for good measure.  We have never really spent much time in memorization.  We spend loads of time on real world application and building relationships.  Still important in our homeschool, but much more time will be spent in structured learning time, memorization and writing.

I guess, now that I have learned that there is such a thing, we have been more of a Hebrew model of education.  This model is based on learning from the Bible and learning from early on, Bible lessons, stories and the like.  Our homeschool begins each day with Bible and our lessons from there tend to go into our day.  We do learn math, reading and writing right along with it, but our focus is Bible.

I had heard a long time ago, (it seems that we have been homeschooling A LOOONG TIME!)  that if you teach nothing but the Bible, you will  have a very intelligent student.  Memorizing scripture tends to do something in the brain, I had read.  I have read several times, actually.  If you check out scientific studies, you will find that the brain is 1. fascinating! and 2. very much affected by what is put in around it.

I could go on and on about that, but that is not what this post is about.

Classical Conversations follows more of a Greek model of education which says that children, well really, WE, are empty vessels that need filling up.  To do that, we memorize many facts.  Its what our current education system was to be modeled after, but seems to have lost its focus over time.  Really, it was begun as a cross between the two- Bible-based and Memorization of the facts, which is what CC does.  There is much scripture memory and facts memorization.

Have you ever read some of the past genius’s??  Like George Washington Carver-( yes I am using him yet again!)  Then there is Nathaniel Bowditch, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin.  There are so many others.  I have been getting an email post from a site called “American Minute”.  Each day there is a post about someone from our history that has done something important for our country.  It is amazing, and better yet, it is true!  You might want to check out this information!  Just google “American Minute with Bill Federer.

It is how they were taught.

Our school day now will consist of a Bible lesson/devotion, work on the memory work for the week, math, history, science, and writing.  Much emphasis on writing- and this will go along with our science and history for the week.  We will attend a group lesson day one day a week where parents will teach that weeks lessons and songs.  We will also do an art project, spend some time in a gym type class and eat lunch together, building relationships.

Our day will be much more structured than it has been in quite a while.  That will be a good thing, I think.  Also, I am looking forward to the writing lessons as I have been thinking about taking a writing class to improve my own writing.  I intend to be doing the lessons right along with my kids. I am seriously considering having an outside person “grade” our works.  (not A,B,C etc…  Just an A or incomplete.  You need to fix some things then you could get an A.- heard that on our dvd yesterday and I am keeping that one!)

For more information on Classical Conversations, check out this amazing blog Half A Hundred Acre Wood or go to the Classical Conversations website.  Leigh A. Bortins is the person who started this group.  She is a fascinating woman herself.

If you have any questions about homeschooling in general, please feel free to comment.






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