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What Has Made Me Smile THIS Week???

Smiles for the week.  Its been a good week!  Lots of things getting done and lots of fun to be had.

There are lots of them this week so hold on!!

1. Son #4 got his temps this week.  Drivers Ed has finished now, (that right there is enough to make me smile!) and he was able to go get his temps.  I did take him driving twice now and he has done pretty well.  That also made me smile!   New driver number 6 in the family…

2. An afternoon spent with a friend sorting through Classical Conversations schooling materials.  We could have been sorting through something really icky, but because we were able to laugh, share stories, it was a GREAT day!

3.  New chicks came this week.  You can see yesterdays post about that.

4. We spent time at the beach with another family.  That was a really nice day and we found some freshwater mussels!!  Amazing!  I had never seen them before.  Very cool!

5.  We had friends come over and play in our pool and had a great time with them!

6.  I helped a friend set up her business facebook page.  She is so excited because right after we got it done, she already had 2 people interested!!  I am so excited for her- I just hope she has an opening for me!!!

7.  I almost forgot- the highlight of the week!  LASER TAGGING!!!  A friend has access to the equipment so he got enough for our two families to get together and shoot each other.  It was great fun!!  The kids topped off the night by playing in their pool.  The grown ups topped off the night by eating still warm, homemade carrot cake, for the Dad’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Friend!!!   The family ready for battle!

8.  Hubby has been home early and more this week, so he was able to start removing some overgrown and dead bushes in our yard.  It took a LOT of manpower, truck power, tractor power, sawzall power, but finally, that first bush, with the absolutely HUGE root, came out!!  Gonna look into a different method for those bushes!  It was good to have him home so much this week!!

9.  Picked the first of the HOT chili peppers.  They seem to be more like the ornamental type peppers, but I wasn’t sure because the tag on them was not clear.  I would have liked to plant them in pots.  However, they are in my garden and looking really good.  They turn a BRIGHT red and Son #3 who likes hot stuff, popped one into his mouth.  And promptly grabbed milk, bread and whatever he could find to cool down his mouth!!  I dehydrated them and powdered them into a spicy mix to use for chili and tacos and spicy stuff.  There were not many to begin with, but more are coming.  I will use them with tomatoes for a salsa when they are ripe.

10.  Youngest fell off her horse.  Yep that makes me smile because I tell her, you can’t be a good horsewoman until you have fallen off your horse many times.  She fell off, fell off the way we taught her, cried a bit, but got right back on that horse!  That makes me smile.

Its been a very good week.  Now to head off to some rummage sales today.  I haven’t really seriously rummaged for a while and I am itching to go again.  That is yet another thing that makes me smile!!

How is your week??  I hope you have had some things to make you smile this week too!




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