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What Has Made Me Smile This Week

It has been a busy week, and I realize its not really over yet..  But here goes the smiles for this week!

  1. Horse Daughter and Married Daughter both took time to make pickles this week.  Horse Daughter LIVES on pickles and Married Daughter just had a lot from her garden.  I am so happy that they CHOSE to learn to make them.
  2. Speaking of garden, I picked A LOT of food from my garden this week.  The small tomatoes are ripening, the peppers are coming, eggplants are looking good, and cucumbers from Married Daughter’s garden.  Crook neck squash and zucchini are coming in like crazy.  I have probably 20 of them on my deck and in my fridge that I need to deal with today.  Some I will take in to church for others, and some will go to my Mom n Dad, but most I will put into my freezer.   I can just shred it, slice or chunk it, stick it in bags and plot into the freezer.
  3. A BIG smile for this one:  I made a boo boo….  I thought I had a big patch of Swiss Chard that just looked different from my patch at home or from the kinds I have planted in the past.  Nope….  It was the bok choy I had planted because I like it and had never planted it before.  I just realized that this past weekend while at “Mother Earth News Fair” and saw it on a seed packet there.  Now it has gone to seed because I wasn’t picking it right.  I have left it that way for now and will start to remove it in the next few weeks.  I realized too that all that “chard” I had dehydrated and powdered and put into the pint jar is actually bok choy.
  4. Another smile this week, comes from last weekend.  Hubby and I, Married Daughter and a few of the kids, went over to the Mother Earth News Fair this past weekend.  That was amazing!  There was so much that we learned and Hubby is having quite the time keeping me focused on the projects we NEED to get done verses the projects I WANT to get started!!  Lots of things to keep in mind for next years projects.
  5. Here is a kid smile:  3 of the kids were gone overnight the other night!  3!!!  WHOOOHOOOO!!  We went out to dinner with friends and had a nice time.  It was so quiet with just one teenager in the house.  Weird………
  6. I was able to spend some time with a friend over lunch on Monday.  We worked on planning our school classes, but it was still nice to sit and talk with someone else about that rather than myself.
  7. I have hired someone to come help me with housekeeping!  BIG, HUGE SMILE!!!!!!!
  8. A Landscaper friend came over to the old house and took care of an overgrown, weed infested, mess of a garden at our old house.  It looks amazing!!  Another BIG HUGE SMILE!!!!!!

It has been a good week, with lots more smiles than that but that is enough for now. Looking over this list I started days ago, I realize just how blessed I am.  Thank you God for your abundant blessings!!

What has made you smile this week?  I would love to hear about it!  How is God blessing you in this season??  Please comment with your blessings- I would love to celebrate your blessings with you!!!





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