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Summer…. Oh How I Will Miss Thee…

One week from today we officially start school.  Let’s just say it was not my schedule so I am a little bit rebelling about it being so soon.  I think though, that if I had my way, it would be closer to maybe sometime around November when it starts getting cold and we want to be cooped up in the house.  Maybe have it last until just after “Mud Month” which usually falls around March or April depending on the year…

That would be my ideal.

Instead we are following a schedule, which, as you can see, is a good thing.  But that means summer is over one week from today.  Not all the harvesting of summer produce. That is still happening because the gardens still are producing.  Just the fun of beaches, pools, and adventure days where we go wherever we decide to go.  Like today, I think we are going to go down to Lake Geneva just to explore it a bit.

Maybe..  its cold and rainy today.  Maybe today would be a good day to just stay home and snuggle up with a good book!!

Its been such a weird year that I haven’t even really started processing tomatoes which I would normally be doing right now.  Many of my tomatoes were taken out by that blight and even now, I have had to pull out several plants that are just full of that blight, fruit and all.  I quit treating them because everything was full of blight.  It didn’t matter.  Now in fall when all is done, I will clean the cages with a bleach solution so that next time I grow tomatoes, they won’t get blight from the cages.  But I will have to wait a few years to grow them again because the blight is in the soil.

I do have some tomatoes that are ripening now, its not a complete loss yet.  The cherry tomatoes are totally untouched by the blight.  I have dehydrated about a pint of them already and eaten way more than a pint!  Delicious!!!  Regular tomatoes are coming slowly, not enough to process and can, but enough to keep us fed.

Summer is a ripe tomato sandwich.  Oh yea….

Gardening is always an adventure.  You never know what your gonna get.  Sometimes the season is really hot and dry.  Other times, cold and wet.  Sometimes you get stuck with blights or bugs or worms.  Or mice that eat your produce.  That, in my opinion, is what keeps things interesting.

There is so much for the kids to learn there in the garden and they have.  Whether they seem to get it or not, they have learned some things.  Funny that now they are adults and they can hold their own in the garden.

All right, I have to get going.  I do have to work on planning our schooling and organizing our stuff.  I will work on a post about that later.  I may even remember to take some pictures!!


PS, #1 Grandson is doing well.  He is home and doing everything a new baby should be doing.  Mom and Dad are doing well too!!  We were over there last night.  He is a beautiful baby…



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