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What Has Made Me Smile This Week…

You already know about the Biggest SMILE from this week.  #1 Grandson was born this week- you can read the announcement here if you like.

The rest of the smiles??

Let me think..

I actually read a book for fun this week.  I haven’t done that in WAAAAYYYYY too long.  I realized that I missed that. My hair was colored this week.  No more gray.  YAY!!!

I have some friends that I am working with this school year on Classical Conversations, which is a totally new type of schooling for me.  They are so encouraging and have helped me get on track and keep on track while I prepare for a new school year with new curriculum.  Oh my goodness, I am a bit overwhelmed, but also glad to have the direction for this school year.  I am so appreciative of their guidance!!

(I will be writing posts about that as I go about my school year.)

We got more produce picked and processed this week. I am so happy about that!  The kids helped me get zucchini shredded so I could make bread and cake.  They helped me slice cucumbers so that I could make more pickles and a cucumber salad.  They are awesome!  I also had them wash a huge pile of dishes after I was done.  Yes, there was some bickering, I would be lying if I said there wasn’t.  They worked it out and got it done.

Then we took the afternoon off and laid around watching tv and reading.  It was a good afternoon!!

There are so many things to smile about..

This weekend my 3 daughters are standing up in the wedding of one of the girls who grew up with my older girls.  We like to think of her as one of our kids.  She and older daughters have been close since they were preschoolers.  It will be so fun to watch her marry her best friend tomorrow!!  I am so excited for her!

Last night I had a niece and nephew overnight.  I LOVE having the cousins together and spending time with my nieces and nephews.  They are up at the crack of dawn even though they were up late, but they take advantage of every moment they are together and PLAY..  And PLAY some more…  They are always together making up some sword or nerf gun game.  So fun to secretly listen in to their conversations as they decide who is doing what.

I had my Mom and Dad over the other night for dinner.  That was so good and hasn’t happened in way to long.  Another HUGE smile for us.  My Mom made the comment, “what are you gonna do when all the kids and dogs are gone?”

We just don’t think about that.  But it has stuck with me all week.  Hopefully there will be enough grandkids around…





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