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Happy Hour, Slug Version


Happy hour..  Hehe…  For MY Chickens!!

I set the slug traps the other night.  I haven’t done it in a while, just because I forgot or its been raining.  WOW did they work!  They were full of slugs.

I see there is a recipe in my book for using vinegar, Jungle Rain dish soap, brewer’s yeast and the like.  I just use cheap beer.

That is good, cuz we don’t want to waste the expensive stuff on a bunch of uncooperative, uninvited guests.   Nor do I want to spend a lot of time mixing them up a special drink just for them.  They are unwelcomed remember.

I set out saucers and plates that I have.  I got this set of tin dishes years ago somewhere and they work perfectly for making these traps.  I have also used a frisbee that someone left in my garden, or a plastic lid.   I set a saucer out under the plants where the slugs have been and fill it with the cheap beer.

Drinking some of it yourself is perfectly optional, but I personally recommend taking along a more expensive lager and enjoying that as you go around your gardens setting traps with the less palatable, less costly, beer.

Once all the traps are set, sit in your favorite chair and enjoy the night and the last of your more tasteful, more costly lager.

In the morning, I do not recommend emptying your traps carrying your own fresh beer.  It is too early after all, even in Wisconsin.  Unless it’s a parade day or you’re camping.  Then, feel free!

I dumped some of the liquid out of the traps and gave the slugs to the chickens.  They walked a little funny for a while after that, but they sure seemed to like them!!

It made me so happy to see all those dead slugs leaving my tomatoes alone!!
It made me so happy to see all those dead slugs leaving my tomatoes alone!!

Simple recipe for you to follow:

  1. Find a saucer type dish. Preferably something that is even with the ground, but they will climb over a slight lip on a dish.
  2. Place it in your gardens where you can see slugs have been. Your plants will be covered in holes, like mine are.  Or you might see the silvery trails left by slugs.
  3. Fill the dish with some beer. Just enough to pool it up and cover the bottom of the dish.
  4. Go find your bed and have a good rest. I should add here, that traps should be done in the evening.  Slugs are nocturnal.  For those of you that live in Wisconsin and drink too much beer starting early in the morning, that means they are out all night.    Maybe you have been at the bar all night..

That would make you nocturnal.

By early in the morning, I do NOT mean bar closing time.  Nor do I mean 11 am..  I mean like 8 or 9 am.

Oh dear… I have gone on and on and messed up my directions.

Let me go back….Ok….

  1. In the morning, admire all the drunk slugs sleeping it off. Kind of like a bunch of college aged Wisconsinites after a long night…
  2. Dump out a little of the liquid, and feed them to your chickens. If you don’t have chickens, sad day for you.  But you can still drop them into your compost pile or garbage can.  They are perfectly compostable and “green” so you don’t have to worry about messing up the environment..  Even with the beer.

    There are some pieces of straw in there as well, but those brownish things in the dish are all the slugs.
    There are some pieces of straw in there as well, but those brownish things in the dish are all the slugs.
And one more for good measure.
And one more for good measure.

Let me know how this one works for you in your garden.  What is the pest that really bugs you in the garden??  What is your favorite remedy for that?




4 thoughts on “Happy Hour, Slug Version

  1. This is not only sound advice for anyone who’s had a garden noshed by the little slimy cretins, but also a fun read. Whether you’re from Wisconsin or not! A drunk slug is good, but a drunk slug served to chickens for breakfast is even better.

    I wonder if it’s like a been braut for them.


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