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The Week In a Nutshell

Or maybe “The week in a NutHOUSE”..  Or maybe “She is NUTS”….  All would be very much applicable around here at varying degrees.

As I am sure you have noticed from my posts.  If not, Praise God!!

I haven’t been posting much because, quite frankly, I just don’t have the brain power left over to write anything worth reading.  At least that’s what I feel like.  I have written a few things down, but all have gotten set aside right now because, well, they just don’t look good to me.  I need to spend some time working on them.

Here’s what’s been going on…

School started.  I have some posts in progress about that, but for now, let’s just say, we are ALL learning.  This style of curriculum is tough.  It is not an easy thing to do at all.  The kids want to continue it because they like meeting with other families- even though they are the oldest ones in the group.  I think it will be fun, eventually.  I will like the structure this program gives me, and I know I need some structure.  The group things will be nice as well.   We meet 2 mornings a week so that takes up, then most of the day, by the time we finish that and get home.

I will write some posts about that as soon as I can spend a little time finishing off some.  In the mean time, know that Classical Conversations is what we are doing and that is what the posts will be about.  In a nutshell, Classical Conversations is a program created by a woman who was a Aerospace engineer turned homeschool mom.  She did a great job organizing it all, creating songs and rhymes to memorize the concepts, and coming up with a schedule to get it all in.  Its a 3 year rotation leaning parts each time you go through the program until at the end, you have mastered all the concepts:  Timeline- memorizing the highlights of time from creation to present day, Geography memorizing and drawing a map of the world, Grammar and Latin, Math concepts, Bible and Science.

Add in there an in-depth writing program, copies, songs to learn, schedules to figure out, binders to put together in specific ways and you have some serious brain freeze going on.  My friend, who I am working with on this and has very patiently been trying to keep me on track- sometimes patiently trying to get me ON the track, has been amazing through this.  I could not be doing any of this without her.

Besides all of that, I have been trying to get the school room, which was in serious need of sorting, cleaning, re organizing all summer, and doubles as our family room, was tackled.  That took 3 days.  Seriously.  But it looks great now and there are just a few little things that need to be done yet.

Then, the produce has been coming in.  Cucumbers, some tomatoes, apples, cabbages, summer squashes.  In our community garden plot, someone noticed that the squash bugs have moved in, so we have been treating that as well.  At this point, soapy water is what we have been using.  We may have to move to something more potent,  I will check on that today.  Its been a difficult garden year that is for sure.

Much of what I am bringing in I can just chop and freeze and I did that with some of the tomatoes this past week.  The other thing I have been utilizing a lot this year is my dehydrator.  I can just chop it, put it on trays and walk away.  Simple.  I like that.

The meat chickens are doing well, but they take up some of my time as well.  I lost one last week to coccidiosis so I had to clean some feeders, move the chicken tractor and get them feed with antibiotics in it.  I also started them on Apple cider vinegar and Thieves essential oil in their water.  So far, it seems to have worked.

Add to that, we had to change dog food for a bit because the store we got it from discontinued it.  We thought we got one that was comparable and would work.  It didn’t.  That sent Max into an allergic reaction which caused him to itch and bite himself raw.  He had one paw wrapped up for a day or so because of it.  I was giving him Benedryl to try to help but it didn’t.  We had to order it from Amazon and have switched him back and he seems to be better.

It makes me wonder why in the world we have so many more allergies currently.  Dogs, cats, people…….


Is there anything else?  No kid drama lately so that is good.  Of course we have #1 Grandbaby who gives me a little peace in my world.  He is the most peaceful sweet, easy baby.  A little baby snuggles, smells and all is good in my world again.  I can get through the craziness that is my life right now.  I am hoping that soon, things will die down and we can get into a routine.

baby snuggles and smells… aaahhhh…….

It could happen.  Maybe..  I hope…




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