Starting Up Again..

We are officially back to school for the year.  We started Thursday with a Classical Conversations Group that meets at our church.  My kids are the oldest kids there.  But they actually liked it.

I, on the other hand, am doing a bit too much kicking and screaming.  The kids are fine.  They are asking what we will be doing this week.  I on the other hand, am doing my best to ignore all of it.  Not a good response I understand.

We will be easing into things a little bit.  This week, we will only work on Classical Conversations stuff.  Next week, we will start to add some new things in like math, and science.  I think that will be good because it will give us some time to figure out this new program and get our routine in place.

There are a few things I will still need and I will order them at some point.  I would like to find a good cd series that we can listen to of stories that would relate to what we are learning.  Something like a good G.A. Henty book or Your Story Hour cds.   Henty has some excellent historical fiction that I have heard, usually appeals to boys.  Not mine at this point, but others.  I think that if we listen to the story that might be enough to pull them in.  Your Story Hour has excellent radio drama type historical stories.  The ones I have listened to have been really good.

I do have the school year pretty well planned out, but it is in pencil in case, likely case, that I will need to change up some things.  I am expecting that.

Our first day of Foundations Cycle 1, was Thursday, as I said earlier.  It went pretty well.  They did feel a bit babied, and did show some attitude.  The oldest two boys of mine I mean.  I can see why they would, being the oldest in a class full of 4-9 year olds singing songs and rhymes.  The concepts were old enough for them and the songs and rhymes are used to memorize them.  Song, as I am sure you know, is a powerful tool for memorization.

Essentials we did on Friday with another family.  That was pretty good. We have a lot to learn and it seems we will ALL be learning.  It’s a lot of new material for us all.  I am looking forward to learning and writing along with the kids.   This program is geared more to the older ones, which is good.  The focus here is mastering the English Language.  That is done with songs and memorization tools like repetition and charts to master the basics.  Sentence structures, parts of speech, parsing sentences.

This morning, we completed our first morning of the new program.  It wasn’t horrible.  It wasn’t easy either.  We reviewed the songs, concepts and topics for this week for both Foundations and Essentials.  The oldest, as I expected actually, got irritated at the babyish level of the songs, rhymes and repetition.  The next one did slightly better.  The youngest did fine.  Youngest 2 sons gave us additional facts to our history cards that they had learned.  We all had to remind each other the motions and words to the songs and rhymes. Finally, at the end, I felt like I got one song down.  They of course, did much better than I.

These are my thoughts at the beginning of this program.  It’s gonna take some getting used to.  I can see that it will be more time consuming at the beginning, especially the Essentials and the Writing program.  I am hoping that eventually, I figure some things our and it doesn’t take up quite so much.  I am fully expecting to learn this material right along with the kids, because quite frankly, I need it.  I can see that it will help improve my writing and my own grasp of the English language.

I also am hoping that Oldest will see how it all works together and that we can make it fit his level.  I did ask him to research some videos and such that we can watch or listen to that would go along with our Foundations history and geography.  He seemed interested and I am really hoping he takes charge of that.

If you are a homeschooler, what are you doing this school year?  Is it going to be fun or a challenge??  If you have traditionally schooled kids, what are your fun or challenging aspects this year??






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