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Driving Mr. Daisy…

We have yet another driver in the house.  Son #6 recently acquired his temporary license and completed drivers ed class.

At the beginning, when #1 Son started driving, it was a fun thing.  A novelty.  Yet, still kind of scary to get into the drivers seat with a 16 year old who has been driving anything he could get his hands on for years already.

Most of them come into the world counting down the days til they can get their drivers license in this house.  They begin saving with that first money given to them from the relatives when they are born.  Almost all money coming in until that day gets put into the bank so that they can pay for their drivers classes, temporary license and then, buy the car!!!

It was kind of fun teaching #1 Son all the ins and outs of driving.  The same with the next two, but one gave me some other challenges.  She WOULD NOT get into the drivers seat of much of anything other than the go kart.  I finally had to just get out of the van on an empty back road and start walking so that she, with her youngest siblings in the vehicle crying because Mom’s walking away from them, finally got into the drivers seat to try driving.

Now that kid drives faster than anyone else in the house!  Horse Daughter is actually a close second on that one.  She had no issue with driving.  Neither did the next one, but by this time, I was tired of teaching kids to drive.  It had ceased to be a novelty so Dad took over for him.  He ended up taking that truck in for his test, which he passed easily.  The rest, by the way, have all taken my 15 passenger van.  I figure, if they can drive that, they can drive anything!

And yes, they have all, thus far, driven that van to learn in, at least part of the time.  And yes, they all pay their own way to be able to drive.  They MUST make an investment into this so that they realize the responsibility level they are undertaking.  I also remind them that I CAN and WILL revoke their license at any time their behavior shows me that they are not responsible.  (By the way, that has only happened once in our home and that was an extreme instance of poor judgement.)

The next one- I totally forgot.   His 6 months was almost up and we had forgotten to get him out driving and I would imagine he quit asking.  Its not really any fun to teach kids how to drive.  It is much more nerve racking than fun.  So we quick crammed 6 months of drivers teaching into the 2 weeks we had left.  He also passed no problem.  Might be the van he took his test in.  And the fact that he is a good driver.

Now here we are with the 6th one.  This one is wearing me down quickly.  He gets out of bed and the first thing he asks is, “What are we doing today?”

actually, they all look like prison photos.  But this would be fun!
Actually, they all look like prison photos. But this would be fun!

Translation: “Can I drive anywhere today?”

He will be a good driver.  I just have to let him drive in order to learn that.  Only 5 months left to go.. Maybe I should order some more Peace and Calming Essential Oils.




2 thoughts on “Driving Mr. Daisy…

  1. “Hey Dad!! I could help!!”
    Translation: “Dad, when are we going for my temps???”

    “Hey Mom!! I could drive to awana tonight!”
    Translation: “Remind Dad about my temps.”

    “Hey guys!! My friend just got her temps!”
    Translation: “I WANT MY TEMPS!!!!”

    😀 The things us teenagers have to do to drive. ;P


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