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First weeks of School are Tough.

I have had a terrible week.  I don’t know why really.  There is plenty to be happy about.

My friend cleaned my house this week.  I have an incredibly cleaned kitchen and bathrooms.  They look amazing for the first time all summer.

We started school and attended Classical Conversations class on Thursday.  That went well.  It was the Friday class that got me.  The kids were irritating and I am overwhelmed by all the copies and material to read through and get together for the week.  Not a good combination really.

I got some baby snuggles time from 2 babies, this week and finally caught up on all their gifts that I have been lax on.  Son in Law had a birthday, their first anniversary was last month and the baby was born.  I, just last night, got all their cards and gifts together.

Yea… I am THAT mother.

20140515_135719It’s been hot and humid this week. Actually, I should say, warm and humid most of the week.  It’s the humidity that gets me every time.  The air conditioning has been on all week and I haven’t been out much this week.  Which is fine because there is so much that needs doing in here for school and other stuff. 06-ecard

But I need some dirt therapy.  Tractor therapy would be amazing as well.  I think I will get that today since I NEED to clean out the chicken coop and mow some grass.   But I also have a long list of things that need to be done in here……..

Oh the conflicts……

Rummage sale therapy would be good as well, but it’s a holiday weekend so I don’t think I will get that.  Next weekend and the weekend after will be good rummaging.  To me, rummaging is going to the mall.  I hate the mall, but I WILL go rummaging!

My attitude is what has been the problem.  Overall, we have had a good week.  Lots got done, we have had baby time, good conversations.  School- for the most part- went well.  We are all singing the songs in our heads all day long!  A good thing, when we are trying to learn lots of new things through songs and rhymes.

I am being pulled in so many directions lately again now that school has started up.   I guess you could say that is the real problem.  We all need to adjust to the schedule, the work load and pushing off chores and other things that need doing until school is done.  In the past, I have made cleaning charts or chore charts and it seems that I need to go that again so that we can get done what needs to be done.  Designating supper duty would be helpful as well.

I have written out a blog/writing schedule and I will follow it.  Once I get everything else under control!!  This week, I actually did get out a few posts ahead of time and did do a few of the things on the schedule.  It is helping me to stay on track a bit.

There are so many planners and charts out there now, it is amazing!  I have so many pinned to my Pinterest boards.  I will probably just go there and print off one of those.  I guess I am not the first momma to create charts and schedules.  The hard part is actually enforcing the chart as I am sure, any of you know who have done them before.

I will post a blog about which one I end up using and how its working in the next few weeks.  I hope.

Enjoy your weekend!! What are you doing for fun this weekend??  My kids and their cousins are having sleep overs.  We are just gonna get a few things done and enjoy the extra day off.




4 thoughts on “First weeks of School are Tough.

  1. We cleaned out and vacuumed the garage this morning- wow, was it humid!! Clean bathrooms and kitchen= thumbs UP for you! Hubby is golfing now and I went furniture shopping at Steinhafels- found nothing- waaaayyy too expensive! Our house goes on the market Tuesday, so not a ton of fun and games here! If you need to fulfill your tractor therapy, wander on over- our grass needs to be cut!! Hugs!

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    1. Steinhafels is FUN to wander around and dream in though isn’t it???!! I keep thinking though, when I go to stores like that, ‘I can just find that at a rummage sale’ so I don’t buy anything!!! its a good thing!! So excited for you guys!!!!!!!!


  2. Vicki, don’t beat yourself up about the birthday anniversary, gift, cards, etc,etc. etc. I only have four kids and and their four spouses now to remember, You have NINE of your own plus a new son-inlaw and a new grandbaby now! How could you possibly remember it all! I have calender’s and planners on the wall in my purse and put reminders on my phone and I still miss a date! And I just recently lost my address book! I am so screwed. Now that we are older (I should say, now that I am a lot older! I think I got you by a decade at least), we get a lot of memory forgiveness. 🙂 You are doing AMAZING!!!!


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