Transitions…. Not a Favorite…..

School is back in session and we have had a few hiccups along the way.  Some changes have happened already to my  carefully laid out plans.  Its a good thing I wrote them in pencil……

I don’t know why I tried to write them all out ahead of time.

True confessions.

I was on Pinterest again and saw some posts about people who had all their lesson plans written out for the entire school year, set into labeled file folders and included cross references to books, websites, worksheets and videos they would watch over the course of the year.  So I thought, that would be awesome!!  The whole year planned out already and all I would have to do is pull out a lesson plan sheet, look at my carefully written notes about the books, videos and websites, give each child the carefully printed out worksheets that correspond with the week, and BOOM.  Done.  Everything works like clockwork.

I spent hours pouring over the books I was going to use, looking at Pinterest pages of things other people have done.  Checking out websites and looking at materials to purchase.  I wrote out lesson plans for 4 kids for 30 weeks of school.

Except, it doesn’t actually work like that around here.

Week 1.   I forgot about Labor day.  It wasn’t on my lesson plan sheet.  We got through about half of each days work.  The oldest one here gave me a hard time every day that week.  The next one fed off his brother and played the same games, different version.  He likes to be like his older brothers.  Great……

Lots of scribbles and notes on the lesson plan sheets for that week, but we finally made it to week 2 of Classical Conversations class where oldest boys were assigned to help youngest boys. That helped quite a bit actually.

After class that day, I was able to meet a couple of friends for coffee.  (Cue angelic singing!)  It made my week much better.  Until the next day……

I cried.

Not until my friend and her kids left.  I held it together until then. I didn’t like my kids at all after that day.  I was so angry and disappointed in their behavior that I seriously lost it.  I could have gone all psycho momma on em, but quite frankly, I didn’t have the desire to do that.  I just wanted to quit it all.  Send em off to boarding school in Romania or something like that.

That day was our Essentials class where we learn charts, memorize sentence structures, learn how to write well.  We do this class with another family.  It did not go well that second day….  Oldest child decided to be at his worst and next Child decided he would join in and be cool like that.  It was not cool.

I went shopping that night.  It wasn’t my first choice, but I needed to get some gifts for the weekend and do some other errands and I could go alone.  That WAS my first choice.  To be left alone for a while.  It was in their best interest.Mommy needs time alone

The next week, more major shifts and changes.  Finally talked with oldest child, and worked out a plan that we could both work with.  Got some other issues worked out.  Realized that taking him to the Classical Conversations was just not gonna work and neither was Essentials class.  Realizing science needs to be laid out differently so that we can make a schedule work for others to join us for lab work.  Math is having to be reworked and rewritten each day for another kid.  Realizing that we still need to somewhere fit in the CC songs and rhymes.  Along with the work for Essentials and our writing program.

Changing all my nicely laid out lesson plans for this Oldest son- again.

Today…. The first day of the 3rd week in.  We made it through most of our stuff.  A few glitches yet to work through but overall, not too bad.   This is really the first week with ALL of our school work needing to be done.  I thought that if we just started a little slower and get some things down pat first we would do better.  It didn’t really seem to matter.  It was just a tough start.  I am expecting things to continue to be up and down for a while as we work out the issues.

(Like there aren’t always “Issues” lurking around every corner)

Having one back home after 3 years in school is going to take a bit as well.  I know that there is an adjustment period always.   After Christmas things should go much better with that one.  It will also help to get him plugged into something he is interested in.

How was your transition back into the school year??  Any major shifts or problems you had to work through?  What did you do??






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