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Warning; This post contains a bad word.  You can go read a non -hormonal blog or skip over the bad word and move on.  If you do choose to be offended, as most of the world seems to be right now about everything, have a nice day.

Apparently change has come to our home.  Not any old change of the kind we have already experienced, like siblings moving out or getting married.

No.  It’s THE CHANGE…..

Not content to leave me alone after 9 pregnancies complete with hormones raging.  No.  I have to have the hormones raging and screaming all the time.

Kind of like a “Psycho Bitch from Hell” has taken over my brain.  Every day.  Going from depressed moody mama to sobbing mess to crabby “don’t anybody talk to her” in the course of an hour! 

Oh- It has taken me a while now to recognize it for what it is.  My friend has been telling me for a few weeks now that I need to consider it.  I said, “No way.. Not yet.  I am not old enough for that!”

Apparently I am close enough….  Dang..

Now that I recognize it for what it is, I can deal with the “Psycho Bitch from hell” and keep her under control!


I cannot operate well with her shenanigans! Some days I just cannot operate well I realize, but her shenanigans certainly do not help.

Now I understand why in the world I have had such a stinky few months.  Not many posts coming together lately and the ones I had written were complaining.  Add to that, a 15 year old.  That should be all I need to say to most of you who have teens, known teens, or been a teen.

Yes, that’s right a 15 year old, with a 14 year old younger brother. (actually that is tomorrow he will turn 14.)  I am planning on having a serious talk with God when I get there about this.  A 15 year old whose frontal lobe is not fully developed, himself a hormonal mess who is in the house while his Momma is starting THE CHANGE.

Now, honestly, hormones are not a new thing around here.  We have had a few other 15 year olds while I was pregnant so that means hormones were raging then as well.  However, this one has hit a new level, even for us!

But God- really????  Couldn’t You have planned that a little better??  Is this some kind of sick joke you and Satan share??  Not possible I realize, however, I sort of feel  like it could be.

We need to have a little talk about all of this, God.




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