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I opened my reader today and promptly saw Kristen Lamb’s post and on it, in a big picture these words: “Suck it up and Writer Up”.

I needed to see that.  I have been having a real hard time sitting here at the computer and writing.  Its that scary word, Discipline.  And also its partner, Priorities.

Really I need to just do this but I haven’t gotten anything to write about.  I have some topics that I should stick to I know.  But well….  Do I do them?  Nope.  Don’t feel like it.  Don’t have anything new to say.  Don’t this Don’t that.

Ok. Quit it.  Sit your butt in that chair, set a timer and write something!!  Use some of the tools you have been given to unblock yourself.  DO IT!!  Sorry, just fell into a third person exchange.  I am over it now…

Rick Joyner says this about writer’s block, “Don’t get it.”  He never gets it.  Never.  He writes every day.  He has disciplined himself to write something every day and then never gets writers block.

I need to discipline myself to do that.  I know that I need to do school work with the kids every day.  I know that I need to make them meals and feed them at certain times.  They have to be disciplined to do their school work and get it done.

My friend makes beautiful knitted and crocheted projects.  She also makes cards.  If she doesn’t sit down and work on them they don’t get done and no one would ever see them.  I have another friend who makes beautiful pictures and journals.  She does some beautiful art journals. Again, if these ladies hadn’t sat down and practiced their arts, they would not have the beautiful work they do today.

If I don’t discipline myself to write and learn the craft, I will not get better at it.  Duh…

I guess if its important, I will do it, right??  

yea…  I need to push it up on the list of priorities.   Now I have figured out schooling and that seems to be coming along pretty smoothly, for the most part, I need to push it up on the list again.

I have a lot of work to do yet and much to learn.  I need to take the time.   Thanks so much for being patient with me while I have been learning this craft.




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