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Just Another Book Nerd…

Oh my goodness.  I am still in the emotional hangover that happens when I finish a good book.  It was one of those that I have to get back to because all I can think about is the characters in the book and what is gonna happen and will they get through this issue……

Life is so hard when I am living in two worlds!

(Why I stay away from a good novel most of the time.  I just don’t have the time to get involved!)

Loved this book!

Ok, to be honest, I get this way with a lot of books. Lulu’s Café was just the current one that I fell in love with!  I loved the characters, the spunk of Lulu and the tenacity of the main character, Leah.  Honestly, I almost threw it out.  Well, actually, it was on my kindle and I would have had to delete it.  I really was getting upset with the first part of the book which lays out the kind of horrid abuse this woman endured.

Get past that, and you will find the most wonderful story of love and God’s redemption.  A great feel good story that ended very well.  I wasn’t mad about this or that loose end when I finished the book, as I have in the last couple of books I have read.

This one so reminded me of a book I read when I was at the end of Son #5’s pregnancy.   That book by Francine Rivers, quite frankly, is a favorite.  She is an amazing author with the ability to share quite a story with her readers.

Funny story though.  I wasn’t quite finished with that book when I went into labor and I was totally sucked into the story.   While I labored, I read.  Paused a bit to breathe when I needed to, time it, and read some more.  We headed to the hospital where they made me comfortable in a bed strapped to monitors.  I picked up my book and continued to read.

About 1 am, contractions stopped, as I am apt to do when in labor and by now, we were both quite tired so we, Hubby and I, laid down to rest until things started up again. Which they would in a little over an hour, I figured.  At least, that is what had happened before.

We got comfortable and talked a bit when a nurse came in and just said, “You can go home now.”  No, “what is going on?” No, “what do you think about this?”  This WAS my 7th labor, you would think I would have some idea what was going on wouldn’t you??  They just released me. They never asked me.

I was a bit angry.  Furious was more like it.  We left.  We got to the waiting room and almost out of the hospital when that WHAMMO contraction hit that let me know that we were back in labor.  It stopped me in my tracks and I had to breathe through it, leaning on a cabinet in the waiting room.  Hubby wanted to take me back upstairs but I was not going back to those nurses who had been so rude.

I made him take me home.  He was not happy about it, as you can imagine. Once home, I sent him back up to bed for a few hours to rest and I sat in the rocking chair with my book and a clock and finished reading my book.

Once the book was closed, I stood up, and called Hubby to come take me back to the hospital.  It was now after the shift change had occurred.  (Yes, I had been there a few too many times.)  We went back to the hospital, all my papers were filled out from earlier that night so we could just head up, and my bed was still mussed and waiting for me.  Needless to say, he was born shortly after that.  Very shortly.

The garden in the title is what caught my eye on this one.

Yes, that book held my attention until I finished it.  It reminds me of my son’s birthday, but also how a good, well written book can suck you in and keep you thinking of the characters even when you have to go live life in the real world.  Or you need a distraction while you are waiting for something awesome!

I hope I can write a book like that someday.




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