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Its Fall…

That means that we all HAVE to go check out a pumpkin farm.  Any one of the many in the area will do, but the best one is the one with the most amazing activities.  Farm and fall or pumpkin related of course! At least, it seems that is the expectation currently.

It is a fun time, that is for sure.  You will find out here that I prefer the quiet little hidden gems.

We stopped at one place yesterday evening, a bit later than we should have gone, but it was when we could get there. (It was one of those days. One thing after another.)  We had made plans to go to one about 45 min south of us, at a place I have been trying to get to.  This was the 2nd time I had opportunity to go, but then, outside of my control, couldn’t.  Maybe another time I guess.

The one we did finally get to last night, late, was Basse’s.  It is a “Pick Your Own” kind of farm not far from our house.  I love going there for strawberries but had never been for pumpkins or apples. Now I know why!!  It was CRAZY!!!!

I think that everyone in this part of the state was there and it was an hour til closing time! We could not get any tickets for any of the activities because we were too late.  It was fine, it saved us money. But the kids tried out the pumpkin blaster.  That was so cool!  It was this air powered gun that shot pumpkins or apples at a target.

We left there then because the crowds were so busy that we could not even buy anything if we wanted, the lines were LONG to the checkouts.

(I do not like lines.  LONG lines especially.  I do not like waiting and wasting all that time waiting for my turn.)

There are plans to go to another place next week Sunday, however, on the way home, we found a quiet, no one has found it yet, apple picking place.  They had an adorable little store with a few treats and goodies like their own honey, some maple syrup and caramel from a local candy maker.

We walked up to the orchard, learned that they plan to put in peach trees, (YAY!!) and picked, quickly, 2 bags full of apples.   It was just us in the orchard.  WONDERFUL!  No long lines.  No hundreds of activities.  No problem.

When we came back down to the little store, we realized what a gem it was.  The view from the top of the hill was AMAZING!!  We took some pictures.  There was a new orchard planted just below us on the hill, a pond after that and the most beautiful fall trees, with the sun shining perfectly on the tops of them.  Gorgeous!

Inside the store, we found the prices to be reasonable and bought our apples and home made apple cider.  I also bought some caramel for our apples later.  YUM.  It was delicious as we had a caramel apple snack to tide us over til I got dinner ready.

I also made an apple pie in my stoneware, jelly roll pan.  I figured out this year, that it makes much more and it works much better for us than making 2 or more apple pies the usual way.  I have received rave reviews for it and many requests for more of it!  I will share the recipe in another post.

Next weekend we will venture out to a bigger, spend the afternoon and lots of money, pumpkin farm.  I will let you know how that one goes.

What are your favorite fall activities??




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