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Pumpkins and Apples

Years ago, we started this yearly party, which we did for several years.  We gathered some friends and went to a friends apple orchard.  They also had pumpkins that we would pick.  It was a blast.

Here is how it went:

We would meet at our house or the orchard.  Go on the hay ride to the orchard and pick our apples.  Eating some of them as we picked because they are fresh, yummy apples!  Then we would get back on the wagon and ride over to the pumpkin patch where we would take pictures and find the best pumpkins.  And laugh a lot!!

After that, we would pay for our stuff in the store and head back to our house where we would eat.  Everyone would bring their batch of chili or soup and a dessert.  Many would bring something with apples or pumpkins.  Yummy!

I had a larger pumpkin out that everyone would guess the weight of.  I had a jar full of candy pieces that they could guess how many.  We had some fall themed crafts and face painting.  Then we would play apple games like hanging an apple from a string, one person would hold the string and their partner would try to eat the apple, without touching it.  The first one done won.

We made caramel apples.  We had a bonfire.  And Eat.  And Eat some more.

Many times we would carve our pumpkins together too and enjoy our creations.  We would set up pumpkins in the yard and play ring toss with hula hoops.

It was a great time.  It ended when our friend who managed the apple orchard moved away.  Sadly.  I guess times changed and we had to move on as well.

We did something similar a few years ago with some other friends.  I hid pumpkins all around our property along with bags of candy for the kids.  We all brought chili and treats.  We had a bonfire.

But it wasn’t the same as going out to the apple orchard and picking your own.  Maybe I will put in more apple trees and plant some good pumpkins next spring and we will just do it all here on our own property.  There is that thought.   I guess we will see what the next years bring!  Those things take time, but we could do some pumpkin patch things until the apple trees are big enough.

Fall is really my favorite time of year and I love to celebrate the things that make fall wonderful.  What do you like best about fall??  How do you celebrate and enjoy this season?




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