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Field Trip!!

Yesterday we went on a field trip to Lapham Peak State Park.  It was GORGEOUS!!!  The trees are all colorful, the sun was beautiful and the day was the way all fall days should be.  Not too warm not too cold.

We went with another family, who likes my driving, and we had a blast together.  The kids ran through the trails and we meandered.  They all stayed together and talked and laughed and explored the trails.

This is a rock with the memorial to Increase on it. What a name. I wonder, what did they call him??

Elevation 1,233ft.  Not exactly Pike’s Peak but still pretty high for Wisconsin.  What a view from the top of the tower.  I haven’t climbed a tower for years because, well, all those stairs.  But I did yesterday.  I was so glad I did!!!   What a view!!


The kids had a blast checking out all the nooks and crannies and trails.  They just ran and ran.  My two big boys went off exploring on their own and found some fun trails and such.  The kids found this spot where they played for quite a while.  They called it a “Lean To”.  I called it a spot where some people leaned a bunch of sticks on some branches.  They thought it was awesome.  


A cranny full of acorns which was very cool they thought.

The “Lean To” area. They played in here for quite a while.


I used to love doing this in the woods too.  I would build myself lean to’s with a few more branches and stuff out in the woods near our house.  My own little house.  I had read “My Side of the Mountain” by Jean Craighead George. Just like the boy in the story.  Only his was much cooler- a whole, hollowed out tree!  I always wonder just how big WAS that tree??!!

Such a pretty day. This is pretty much what we saw of the kids- their backs as they move much quicker down the trails than we do. They found so much fun stuff too! I think they all had sticks and pockets full of acorns.


I think we will go back to this one some time.  There are so many beautiful parks in our area to visit, and I have lots to visit yet.  Like “10 Chimmney’s” state park.  That one has been on my list for a long time, as is “High Cliff”.   There was so much more to explore here though!  It will be a good park to get back to.

Tell me about your favorite parks/nature areas near you.  Why do you like them??




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