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Some Days Really Stink…

What an awesome way to start this day.  The rest of the day followed suit then too.  Oh my was it a stinky day!!  I was so glad to go to bed last night and end it.

The dog, before I finished my first cup of morning coffee, rolled in something black and yucky.  Very nice Max.  Thanks so much.

Yes, I have used this picture a few times.  It is Max after rolling again.
Yes, I have used this picture a few times. It is Max after rolling again.

And of course, the dog groomer was out-of-town.  (in case you can’t keep up, that would be Horse Daughter.)  She was doing horse teeth at her friend’s in Texas.

I was going to have the boys wash him outside, but it seemed like it was cold and windy, as it had been for several days now.  So I washed him downstairs in the shower, with buckets of water because there is only a shower head in there.  At least he is obedient and stayed in the shower because of Horse Daughter bathing him regularly at the grooming shop.

I will be getting a hand-held type shower this week.  I had thought about it last time I needed to do this, but forgot.  I will NOT forget this week!  That would help me get him cleaner.  That darn dog.

The boys then had to clean up the bathroom.  I left Max in there for a bit to dry off so it was pretty stinky.  They did a pretty good job of cleaning it up.

And here is yet another roll, see the black down the side of his face. This time, he managed to get it all down his chest and front legs too..


He ALWAYS gets into something black and icky.  Then he comes by my all repentant and big eyed….  Like I should LIKE him after he does that!!  He seems to say, “Sorry, I got all dirty again. I just can’t help myself, it smells so good!”

But it doesn’t help!  Stinky is just STINKY!  He gets locked out of the house until we can get him cleaned up again.  Until the next time he does it.

One time, I called him in and didn’t notice.  I turned around after closing the door and he was standing there facing me, but his head was down because he knew he was in trouble!  Out he went again!!

It’s a really good thing he is sweet and lovable the rest of the time.  Oh they joys of pet ownership……….





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