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What Has Made Me Smile This Week???

I know, I know, You have missed this regular post of mine.  I am sure you have all been anxiously wondering if I was ever going to bring it back.

Relax..  Go settle in, grab a cup of tea, put your feet up..

First of all, if you are anxiously awaiting anything from me, you might want to just move on.  I have long ago forgotten anything that I might have said I was bringing you or borrowed from you.  If its yours and you see it when your here, you might wanna just grab it.

Trust me, I love you.  I am more than likely still your friend and if I owe you money see the above.

Now that we have the air cleared, here it goes.

What has made me smile this week…

  1.  Baby time!  I had #1 Grandbaby twice this week.  He is such a doll! He is, of course, the most perfect baby ever!! He is smiling now and gives them away quite freely.
  2. 50 pints of Grape Jam.  YUMMY!!!  Even better, it’s all done and put away!!  heeheee…  It’s worth the stained bowls, spoons and counters.   But I am glad it’s done.   Look at all those wonderful Grapes!! I could not believe how many we picked this year.
  3. Dinner out for my Mom and Dad’s anniversary.  All of our kids but 2 were there, which, nowadays, is a real rarity, AND all of  the rest of the family were there too.  Quite a feat I think.  Yep.  We think they are a pretty special couple.  They are much-loved.
  4. I am taking an online class and just completed week 2’s work tonight.  It makes me smile because, well, I am taking an online class so that I can improve my writing.  There is just something about that, that makes me smile.  So far, I am doing ok according to the comments I have received and the quizzes I have completed.  chalkboard_quotes_twain
  5. I have had the windows opened several days this week.  Its been so warm and beautiful all week.
  6. We have not had to turn on the heat yet.
  7. The rotten egg smell is out of our water.  Unfortunately, it cost us some to get it fixed.  The rotten egg smell is because we have so much sulfur in our water around here and usually the water softener system gets it out.  Unless the pressure tank isn’t working right or the softener tank is not cleaning itself out correctly.  But the water doesn’t stink terribly any more.
  8. Oh my goodness, I almost forgot the Pumpkin Farm trip we took on Sunday.  (After we got our Lions Club chicken dinners DELICIOUS!!)  We met up with my Sister, Sister in Law and her kids at a place about 45 min from our house.  It was AWESOME!!!  We went through haunted granaries, played in the hay mow, rode pedal cars and so much more!  We rode the train and then the hayride out to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins and gourds.  Yes, we of course picked out pumpkins that were WAY to big for us to carry out alone. Good thing we had Hubby and 3 bigger boys along!!  It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

    Did I mention the sand box filled with seed corn!! Genius!!

I hope your week was a good one as well.  If not, look for the good things that did happen this week.  They are there.  Thank God for the good things, as well as the bad.




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