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Dedication Day

It was a good weekend.

It was dedication Sunday for Grandbaby.  I love dedication Sundays.

In our church, we believe in Believer’s baptism, which is the Biblical form of baptism.  Jesus was baptized by John in the Jordan River just before he began his ministry.  John at that time, was baptizing people for repentance and after Jesus died and rose again, it became a part of believing in Him.  You will see that after the gospels, when people came to Believe in Jesus, they would be baptized.

At this point, some of my kids have been baptized in this way.  A few of them were baptized as babies because we belonged to a Lutheran church prior to coming to this church.

What we do then is the dedication.  We dedicate our children to the Lord, which is pretty much what a baptism is only we don’t sprinkle them with water.  We pray over them and bless them.

Yesterday, our pastor called everyone up who wanted to be a part of Grandbaby’s dedication.  All of us went up.  It was perfect, it showed how much love this baby has.  We missed his father’s parents, but its ok- they were there in spirit and they are just as much a part of his life as we are.

After, we gathered at our house for lunch.  For the most part we had a nice time together, laughing and talking.

Here are a few pics of the day:

Grandbabies family surrounding him in prayer. What a picture! and One More..

The newly dedicated family..
Celebrating a birthday..




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