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What has Made Me Smile This Week???

Oh my goodness its been quite a week around here.

(Like they are normally quiet, subdued and hushed….   There was that one day.  Well actually night.  Everyone else was sleeping and I got up to get a drink.  For about 10 minutes it was quiet.  Then I went back to bed and right back to sleep. )

Yes, hullabaloo and hubbub is a normal thing around here and I find myself wondering what is wrong if it’s a little quiet.  (Maybe that is why I can’t stand waiting in lines for anything.)  It’s hard to just sit and be quiet.  I can sit and read and, now, I can sit quiet to write.  I am learning that I can also sit quiet and draw and do the artsy thing.

I suppose it is strange and out of the ordinary but to me, normal and every day.

So with no further ramblings, here is the list this week:

  1. We went on a field trip with another family today, taking Grandbaby along.  It was my day to watch him so off he went with us.  That made me smile, but this made me smile even bigger:  a woman saw my #4 Son holding and talking with Grandbaby and commented about it.  She said, “Is he talking care of that baby?  I love that, You are doing a good job raising those boys.”  I did tell her the truth about those boys though.  That they are baby hogs!!  They keep fighting over who is gonna hold him. 20151030_124918
  2. Later on, we met up with this person in her group and ended up touring the museum together.  I said that this was my first Grandbaby with a smile.  Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me to mention that I had older children, not just the oldest boy who was with me so the room kinda got quiet.  I am hoping that through the course of the tour, in conversations, that maybe they figured out that it was not his child.
  3. Last night we went and met up with several other family members and a few friends at #3 Sons work place.  It was “Blue Moon” night there.  Yea.. Not my favorite, but they sure seemed to like it since they all had blue custard along with the 2 more half gallons to bring home.  Why, I certainly do not know.  Now, if it was Peanut butter and chocolate, that would be another story!  I had my usual, chocolate custard with peanut butter cups and peanut butter sauce topped with extra cherries.  YUM!!
  4. We had a great school week this week and got much of what I planned on getting done, done.  Of course, today being a field trip day, spur of the moment, did not help but we learned a lot on the trip so it counts.
  5. It was a nice week this week and I finally got over to the gardens to see how my fall crops were faring.  They are actually doing pretty well!  I brought home parsley, turnips, and Bokchoy that had re-seeded itself.  I also found some carrots still growing, I must have missed a few when I pulled them, and pulled out the peanuts we tried this year.  They worked, it looks like as they all  have peanuts on them.  20151026_164455
  6. Hubby is off on a long weekend away with his friend.  He was so excited to leave and spend some time away! I am happy that he was able to finally do that.

Its been a very good week and next week I will begin working on some posts specifically about being thankful.  I want to put together some things that families can do, so if you have something that you as a family like to do to encourage thankfulness, I would love to hear it and write about it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts!!  I really appreciate the time you give to encourage me.  Thanks so much!





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