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Leaving a Legacy; Thankfulness post #2

Fresh fall breezes…

Love how the light comes through the colors in these leaves.
Love how the light comes through the colors in these leaves.

I love fall.  The trees are beautiful.  The weather is wonderful and warm and inviting..  I want to just go make some applesauce, caramel apples, apple cider…..

Sit around a bonfire and drink some beer with friends. Roast some hot dogs.  Eat some marshmallows.  With chocolate and graham crackers of course!

But it is really the breezes that I love.  I love the feel of it on my skin.  The way it blows my hair into my eyes..  The way it just blows all the hot humid summer air away, blows the leaves off the trees.  (ok- well the last couple summers around here, not much hot and humid, which is fine by me!!)

I think fall is my favorite time of year.  I know fall is my favorite time of year.

fall leaves and trees.I can walk through a pile of leaves and hear them crunch under my feet.  I can watch the trees change color and then shed their leaves for the season.

It’s a new season.  It’s a new time.  The old passes away the new comes in.

Some things need to come to an end.


Yesterday I was out mowing over all the leaves, chopping them up so that we can put some on the gardens for the winter.  I was thinking about the leaves and their beauty.  All summer they cover the trees and look so nice.

Then fall comes and they turn colors and they are absolutely stunning!  People drive for hours just to look at the fall colors of the trees.  There are pictures and pictures of all the fall trees, taken and posted to Facebook.

The beauty of the trees, never ceases to amaze me.
The beauty of the trees, never ceases to amaze me.

They die.  They fall off the trees and fill the ground.  But they are not done yet.  I can rake them up, after chopping them up a bit with the mower, and put them on my gardens or in my compost heap and they will help next seasons crops grow that much better.

A lot like us isn’t it?  We work and work until the season where people begin to notice us and need the wisdom we have earned over the years.   Sometimes it doesn’t happen quite that way, however, we still have wisdom, color.

I have been reading a book about Will Allen, written by himself, (that makes it an autobiography, I believe) and realizing how much work he did to get to this place.  Dedicated to what he was doing, he spent the time sacrificed and learned along the way.

I am reading and being encouraged by this book.
I am reading and being encouraged by this book.

Think about your grandparents, parents, and older people in your life who are full of wisdom.  Think about yourself, now possibly in the trenches working your butt off,  maybe it doesn’t look like much.  Do you believe in what you are doing?  Keep going.  Talk to the older ones in your life.  See what they did.  Learn from them.

The older ones are beautiful, but when they are gone, they will be fertile additions to your life.  Take the pictures of them now.  Talk to them, admire their beauty.  Learn from them.

It stirs me up when I read about people like Will Allen, George Washington Carver, and others.  It stirs me up when I hear about people who are working hard for what they believe in and seeing that they are making an important difference.  For the better.

(by the way, you may have noticed, work, to me, is not a 4 letter word.  I believe that work is a part of life so you may as well get used to it right away and find a job you love.  Or at least, find something about your job that you love.  Working hard is an important value I want instilled in my kids.)

I am thankful for the changes that come every season.  I am thankful for those around me who are working to leave a legacy.  I am thankful for those who have gone before us and left us their stories to learn from.  My grandparents who passed away leaving legacies of gardens and farming, hard work and strong belief in God.  My parents and aunts and uncles, who taught me about raising children, lots of children, hard work and the value of family. 

Thank you so much for being an important part of my life and the life of my family. 


What is it that you are doing to change your little part of the world?  How can you leave the lessons you have learned behind for others to grab a hold of??




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