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This Ones a Challenge…

What do you need most? 

Have you asked yourself that lately?

Would your answer change if your spouse were the one asking?  A friend?  A travel agent?  Your mom?

It’s worth thinking (and maybe writing) about.

The answer might free you if you’re brave enough to tell the truth.

This prompt comes from Hannah over at Praying with One Eye Open.


I have been pondering this one since I found it, almost a week ago.  I have looked at it several times since then, made a few modifications to the above, closed it and done something else.

Initially, when I read this question and then the responses of those who have pondered it and wrote about it, it seemed like such a simple question but yet, incredibly complex.  Even difficult to answer.  It is. For me anyways.  Maybe not for you.  I don’t know.

I have never really stopped to think about that question long enough to really get a good answer.  Not one that I could really use.  Other than, I want a housekeeper.  But, for us, that is just not practical.  Not financially feasible.  Maybe now it is, when I could use a little help, but not as much as I could have used just a few years ago.

I remember watching “Cheaper By the Dozen” the old version and wondering what ever happened to having housekeepers and gardeners??  Why don’t we do that on a regular basis any longer??  It seems to me, having a couple extra grown-up hands around would come in handy.

No.  That is just not done now.  Sadly.  I do have a friend who will start coming around a couple of days a month to help out with cleaning, but I will pay her well to do that.  I am glad to have her.

Then, that leaves the question still relatively unanswered.  What do I still need the most?

What do I still need the most?

To remember to be thankful for what I have.  To recall the blessings I have been given, especially in this year.  There have been so many!

I have been blessed with a whole week away for a writer’s workshop.  Just me.  No one else.  It was kind of like going away to college for the first time, without the drunken parties, and coed dorms.  (sadly heeheee..)

Flying off to Israel for 10 days this past spring was absolutely amazing. I will never forget my time there and it was truly a blessing for me!

Even better, my family did just fine without me here for both these trips.  They are all old enough, well most of them anyways, to jump in and help where needed and the house was not trashed and mowed the lawn  while I was gone.  The chickens were even cared for.  That is a huge relief for me.

Is there anything I really need from my husband, travel agent, or my mom??

From the hubby??  A date night once in a while would be nice.  Even just dessert…

A travel agent?  Nothing.  I have done enough travel for this year.  We are into fall now, which is my single favorite season of the year, why would I want to leave now??  Maybe in January and then, we can talk about a trip away.

My Mom??  She has already given me everything I need.  Yesterday, she even brought me a box of apples!  She has taught me how to be a good Momma and that is exactly what I need.  Along with being able to make do with whatever I need and process whatever food comes my way.  She even taught me to coupon long before it was cool to be a couponer.  Oh and we, as a family, were the original “American Pickers”.  We picked from garbage piles all over our area for years!

I look at the current trend of having a “She Shed” which is apparently a shed in the backyard all decked out for her projects.  Like a sewing shed, a crafters shed, a readers shed.  You get the idea.  I love the idea, but really, who wants to clean another space??  I will just make do here in my nice bright –have to clean it anyways– sunroom.

Besides, I have the property I have always wanted.  It has a few acres, more than one bathroom and a LONG driveway.  Not terribly long that it takes an extra 15 min just to arrive home, but long enough.  I can have bigger gardens, chickens and the horses out back.  That, along with this sunroom makes this my perfect house.  It even has log siding!

What do I need most?

Currently, nothing really.  I have everything I need and then some.  Thanks so much, Hannah at Praying with One Eye Open for making me think about this and issuing the challenge.

My challenge for you, my readers, to think about this and see what your answers will be.  Let me know your thoughts and if you’re a blogger, I would love it if you would link back to my blog so that I, and Hannah, will know you took up the challenge.





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