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Thankfulness Post #4

We slept with the windows open last night.  That’s right, November in Wisconsin and the windows  stayed open all night.  Today, it looks like we will have to close them at some point, looking pretty cloudy and damp, but not terribly cold yet. This way I can listen to that blue jay out there, yell about some little infraction.  Blue jays are like that.

I have been on horse duty again this week.  Horse Daughter is off again at schooling for a couple of weeks.

Now I if I could just remember in a timely manner that I need to actually go out and  take care of them it would help a lot!!

It is so mucky out there now too, I don’t want slip on the greasy muck.  Some of the horses are so caring, standing right near me to let me put my hand on them for balance.  One, just wants the best hay bag.  Barney stands waiting for me so he can get a hug and some scrubs under his cheeks.  He loves that.

He is so sweet.  Of course he is naughty sometimes too, chasing Thunder away from the hay bag.  But he has been given favorite status just because of the Barney snuggle.

I am thankful for those Barney snuggles.  It’s hard work to walk in that greasy muck and fill those hay bags out back.  But Barney snuggles make it easier.

I am thankful that I haven’t fallen in that greasy muck.  Yet.

I am thankful that I can go out and feed the horses twice a day.  Weird, I know.  For me there is something about getting outside, driving my tractor, and petting horses that is, well, invigorating!  I just feel better after being outside doing something.

(Don’t tell Horse Daughter I said that.  I am rallying her to get me something as payment for doing horse chores for her!)  

I am thankful for my chickens that are in a molt now.  Hopefully, it will be over soon.  I am thankful for their eggs, even though now I am only getting about 6 a day.

This time some are really looking terrible!!  But new feathers are coming in nicely and it will be over soon.

I am thankful that the dogs have been always close by my.  Always.  Right there. Near me.  Never LEAVING.  Never.

One actually followed me out in the muck of the pasture, til I caught him and told him to get out!  He did, thank goodness.  He is so obedient!  Later, after a stint in the garage to dry off, I wiped off his paws and let him in the house only to see him jump right up on the couch.

As much as it drives me nuts and adds to the nutty household we have around here, I guess I kinda like having all these critters around me!  I am Thankful for them too.

Even the cats, a little bit.  A very, little bit.

What are you thankful for today??





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