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I am truly grateful..  I really am..

It’s just that today, well, I was just thinking that today,  well……

Ok- I could be done raising kids right now!

There I said it.

I could be done.  I have 5 kids over the age of 19.  They have completed school.  Some moved out.  I could have the house to myself most of the time.  I could have all the free time I want to write and draw.

I could play with horses and go riding.  I could drive the tractor or car without arguments over whether or not I can actually drive them or will someone else get there first…

I could clean the house and it would stay clean. I could wash just a few loads of laundry, when I want to.

I could not have to deal with schooling 4 kids.

I could go without cooking for days.  I could go grocery shopping and get to eat what I purchased.

Yep… It was a Monday.  A usual school day really.  Just a bit frustrated with some things that I realized I need to change.

I don’t want to.

I am really grateful that I don’t have to put away the dishes myself. I am grateful that I can have someone else clean the litter box.  (very grateful for THAT one!)

I am really grateful for these wonderful kids.  I do love them.  That will never change.

Look at those eyes!!  How can you get mad at those eyes??
Look at those eyes!! How can you get mad at those eyes??

I am glad that I have them.  I would not ever trade them for anything.

Somedays, I just think, “what if?”



I do love this smile!
I do love this smile!
Look at this amazing bunch!! I do love them….
Such a goofball!
Such a goofball!

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