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My Wild and Crazy Life…

I have so much to be grateful for..

I really do.  My wild and crazy life is one thing I am grateful for.   These kids keep me hopping, the animals are always good for some wild and crazy times, and my friends…  Well, they are amazing.  06-ecard

I received some really encouraging words from several of them after my last post.  I appreciated that so much!  And really, what mother hasn’t on occasion, if she was really honest, dreamed about what it would be like without kids???  Especially when you have just cleaned, spent the entire day doing a good deep cleaning.  Even an entire week really deep cleaning, just to have the kids decide they were going to do some elaborate craft project that ends up with glitter all over the house.  Or the bathroom toilet, for some strange reason connected with one or more of the kids, clogs and overflows.

Or any of a hundred different things that can and will happen when you have kids and pets.  Actually more like a thousand, but we won’t talk about all of that.  In fact, my mind has totally blocked out all of those terrible things and will not let me speak of them again.  (heehee…)

This week so far, I have been discouraged by several things, but encouraged by several friends and my Mom.  I so appreciate them.  I am truly grateful to have such wonderful people in my life.

Love having good friends sharing food around a table.
Love having good friends sharing food around a table.

Yesterday, as I finally did some grocery shopping at Costco, (and my children rejoiced!)  My friend prayed for me as we talked on the phone in the cheese section.  I so appreciated that.

Of course, because I was talking to her the entire shopping trip I totally blew my budgeted amount for groceries.  Whoops.  I probably should have just focused on grocery shopping, but she is one of those people who you just WANT to spend the time talking to.  I love her genuineness and her encouragement.

When I have talked to my Mom this week, she has also been a source of wisdom and encouragement, keeping me focused on what needs to be done.  In the midst of her own dramas. I appreciate that too.

We really need to have people who can speak encouragement and wisdom into our lives.  I am surrounded by people who can do that, and I am truly grateful.

Are you that friend for someone else?? And do you have friends like that in your life?? I pray that if you don’t, you will.

Blessings on this Veterans Day.  Thank you for your service, Vets!!  You are greatly appreciated!!




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