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Starting Out With a Thankful Heart…

This is one of my favorite pictures!  Just adding it because it makes me happy.
This is one of my favorite pictures! Just adding it because it makes me happy.

It’s Monday again.  So far, a quiet one.  I don’t think any of the kids or dogs are awake yet.  I am enjoying the quiet to be honest.  Horse Daughter is back home, so I don’t have to worry about feeding horses or taking care of dogs.  I really do not mind doing those chores, but after 2 weeks, I was ready for her to come home.  No, I didn’t have to do the horses every time myself, and I didn’t, I had one of the boys helping me most times or they went out themselves.  But still, I had to make sure those horses and dogs were cared for, and that added stress was enough.

Which reminds me..  I had a zyto scan done at the Oils Clinic I went to Saturday.  A zyto is a tool that oils people can use to figure out what supplements and oils your body needs.  It’s kind of cool because of that.  I only needed 4 oils with Gentle Baby being the most needed. I read that it was good for babies and mothers and especially used for skin issues, but the lady asked if I had a lot of stress in my life.


And we will leave it at that for now.

Back to Thankfulness…

Monday is a good time to start over.  It’s the beginning of a new week and it is a good time to start with a new habit, if you need to.   How do you start being thankful when you haven’t even thought about that before?

Well, you start, for one.  It is a good idea, just like starting a healthy eating plan or a good financial plan, you just start doing it because it is a good thing to do.

To start there are TONS of things you can do.  To keep it easy though, I will suggest that you quickly make a list of 5 things you are thankful for today.  I don’t care what you write it on, or where you put it, make a quick list.  Then, keep that list somewhere that you are.  If you are in an office, hang it where you can glance at it once in a while.  If you are at home, maybe a bathroom mirror or the kitchen cupboard.  Where ever you can see it periodically during the day.

Now- every time you see that list, even though your day is going terrible, be reminded of the things that you are thankful for.  And smile.  You have good things in your life. It’s gonna be ok.  It may look impossible right now, but tomorrow is a new day, and it will be ok.

Colossians 3:15 New International Version (NIV)

15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.

I am thankful today for:

  1. Horse Daughter being home again.
  2. Oldest Son who had a birthday yesterday.  He is 28.  Yes, I know, I can’t believe I have a 28-year-old son either.
  3. They boys who helped a friend take down several dead or dying trees in my yard on Saturday.  Hubby didn’t have to do any heavy lifting because of his shoulder issue.
  4. I got the whole family working yesterday, and we got the house pretty well cleaned up.  It needed it quite badly.
  5. This time of quiet in my house.

Blessings on your day!




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