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What Has Made Me Smile This Week?????

I need a warm up exercise..  I am trying to do an assignment for a class I am taking to improve my writing and I am stuck.  Yet again.  I have successfully spent my day procrastinating and not doing any writing. Now here it is after dinner, I am thinking about whether or not to have the bowl of ice cream while I am procrastinating.

I know, the smart thing to do would be to just do the assignment, then get the bowl of ice cream AFTER I have broke through that procrastination.

No, I do not spend a lot of time planning out my posts to put on here usually.  Generally, I just sit down and write, and I am sure you can tell.  I need to get into the habit of planning out posts and preparing something.  But, well…..  The fact is that around here, there is just too much going on most of the time so when I do sit down, I need to just grab the time I got.

I will work on getting some things planned out though.  It would help me in the long run, I know.

Ok- so what has made me smile this week?  And I am gonna combine it with the concept I have been trying to talk about this month, gratefulness.  Or gratitude.  Or thankfulness..  All of these things mean the same thing really.

  1. It’s Saturday.  A good Saturday when I got to go have breakfast with some ladies I love at a place I have only been to once before.
  2. Our first snow happened overnight last night too!  I know…  I love it too!!  Of course, I have kids who can shovel it and a hubby who plows it.  I can just enjoy it!  It is so pretty and I probably should have taken some pictures, but I didn’t.  As usual.
  3. Son #4 has a birthday today and Son #1 had his on Sunday.  We still haven’t figured out what to do for either yet.  Eventually…..  If you have any ideas, feel free to comment.  One is 28 and the other is 16.. No we haven’t even had birthday cake for them either.  I will try to do that on Thanksgiving.   20151117_121824
  4. Funny story:  Baby day yesterday..  I got his bottle ready to give him, warmed it up in the hot water and when I gave it to him, my shirt got all wet.  I thought it was from the water.  It wasn’t.  I didn’t get the lid on the bottle right, it has an insert in it which makes it difficult to put together.  Apparently..  Both he and I needed new clothes after that.
  5.  Finally, the rotten egg smell is gone from the water!!  That made my week!!  It seems that the new water heater didn’t like the old pressure tank.  We got a new one of those…  Of course.  Well the guy had to come and clean out the new water heater, make some adjustments and, HOOORAY!!!  No MORE ROTTEN EGG SMELL!!
  6. We also got to go to the Symphony this week.  It was a little kid concert, which made my big kids roll their eyes.  We still enjoyed it.  It was the SYMPHONY!!  How can we not??  20151117_111339

What a good week its been.  Lots going on.  Lots to look forward to.  Lots to be thankful for.




Next week, Thanksgiving.  No, I still do not have my menu together.  No, I have not gone grocery shopping.  Have you??  What are you excited to be doing to celebrate???





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