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Here it is… The Final Countdown!!

Love having good friends sharing food around a table.
Love having good friends sharing food around a table.

Well, sort of.

It’s the week of Thanksgiving so we end up with a sort of countdown. A long list of things that need to be done for the big meal on Thanksgiving Day, then for the meal on Saturday and the meal on Sunday.  No- we here do NOT go “Black Friday” shopping, unless its late in the afternoon on Friday when all the crazy people are sleeping finally.  That does NOT make it to any list, except if there is something we have been discussing for Christmas presents and it’s on a good sale and may still be available in the afternoon.

  1. I need to clean the couches because some Daughter of mine has taught the dogs that they can sit on the furniture and so they do.  One of the dogs, MAX!!!!!!, is having itching troubles again, and so one end of my couch is SOAKING WET!!!  I thought, initially it was from the snow.  It is not.  That has become high on my list for today.
  2. I need to go grocery shopping.  Finally, we decided on a menu yesterday and I need to buy the ingredients.  I will not go shopping before now, because they will EAT the ingredients if they are in the house.  At least if I buy them today or tomorrow, there is a chance I can keep them for Thursday.
  3. Baking.  I will need to work on some baking of pies and desserts for the weekend.  We have Thanksgiving day, then Saturday we do another Thanksgiving meal with Hubby’s family, and Sunday we do another meal with my Mom’s extended family.  Lots of Thanksgiving dinners for us!!
  4. Preparing.  There are a few things I can prepare ahead of time, if I get to it.  Otherwise, I will just work on it during the day on Thanksgiving.  If I can, I would like to get the mashed potatoes and gravy done ahead of time.  That will help.
  5. Coordinating all the others who are bringing food.  I do NOT like to cook a big meal myself.  I have, for several years had the kids pitch in and bring something for holiday or special occasions.  I suppose it comes from my Mom’s family gatherings.  She grew up in a big family too and they always brought dishes to pass for  gatherings.  I make sure that each one is bringing what I asked or they offered.  This year, I even have the 14 and 16 year olds doing something to contribute.
  6. I probably should have put this higher on the list, but it’s not.  I have a couple of boys who need to keep on track with 2 of their subjects so they will need to keep schooling most of this week.  The other 2 will do some of their subjects.  Cooking and cleaning will be part of all of their schooling this week.  With Friday being a day they all go help Dad at the shop cleaning and preparing for Small Business Saturday when we will be open just for that.  Stop in Saturday if you can!!
  7. Which leaves cleaning on the bottom of my list.  I have given up trying to REALLY clean the house for company and special occasions.  I do clean the bathrooms good and sometimes I will even put out holiday towels.  Hopefully, I will get that patio door cleaned too.  The dogs have paw prints all over it.

And that, my friends, is my list for the week.  I am sure it will get added too as it is only Monday morning and through the course of today, many more things will get added as I go about my day.  I feel sort of ADD when it comes to cleaning.  Clean one thing which leads to another and another and another……..  Which is a good thing, because it needs a good cleaning.

Oh- And what I am thankful for??  The ability to have to do all this for the holiday.  I am so thankful for all those around me and that I get to celebrate several of them for their birthdays, 2 this month and 2 in September, because one is upset that we haven’t done anything for his birthday yet.  I am thankful that we have food to share with each other, and an abundance of it.  No shortage of food around here this weekend.  be-happy-no-thankful-173059-530-353_large

Have a great week!!  I am not sure I will get another post done this week, so Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!



PS  Just shared this on Mostly Blogging linky party.  Go check out this blog for TONS of other blogs to read and great blogging advice.  I need to take the time to work through her great advice as well.  I just read one blog that looks amazing and she is making money blogging through links on her site and talks about how she does that.  I know I need to do a blog overhaul and I will sometime soon.  Maybe over the holidays I can take the time to do that.


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