Off Topic


Hi all…

Just gonna try to get back on track here a little bit.

I finished the FutureLearn course I took earlier this week.   I was happy with the story I sent for a final project and got some pretty good reviews on it.  I am glad I took the course and did learn quite a bit.   Now, my plan is to continue to take that time and work on some of my own works in progress and finish them!!!

Thanksgiving, a whole week past now, turned out to be a great weekend.  I got some projects done that needed doing in my down time and we ate, cooked and ate some more and then just in case we might still be hungry, we ate some more.  It’s what Thanksgiving is about isn’t it??

The kids played the “Pie in the Face” game with their cousin, what a stitch that game is!!  They laughed and ate a whole can of whipped cream!  So funny!

Now, here we are at Thursday..  On the 1st of this month, they reminded me about advent and doing something different for Bible time.  I am glad they did.  I will write about that in another post. We pull our our Jesse Tree devotional and ornaments and read through them.  This year I challenged them to make some Lego ornaments.  I will talk more about that after I take some pictures and do a whole post on our Advent prep.

Thursday….  goodness this week has gone by fast.  I have a bit of a cold that seems to have settled in my throat.  My voice was totally gone yesterday.  Today seems slightly better.  It is kinda quiet around here.  It’s nice..  hehe…

How are you doing?  Are any of you still doing the Gratitude journaling??  I hope you are!!






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