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Advent Adventures

It’s Christmas. My kids reminded me on Dec. 1st that we should be getting ready for it.  Personally, I like to remain in denial as long as possible and not do anything for Christmas until the week of.

Sort of a form of self torment I guess.

It’s a good thing they are around or I would probably do that every year. I don’t really like Christmas shopping. Being able to shop online now has really helped me in that area.

I do like making cookies.  Well, really eating the dough, but the cookies themselves are yummy too.  Decorating can be fun, unless I am trying to find a place to put a tree that looked so much smaller in the lot, in my living room which looks so much smaller now that we not in the lot.

I do however like advent and doing an advent study with the kids during the month of December. I also like pulling out the Christmas story books and reading them with the kids.  Of course, now they are a bit old for the old picture books, but we still love looking at the pictures and reading the one about “Jonathan Toomey”.  Easily a favorite and the pictures are beautiful.

Most of the others are just in the stack because they are old favorites, and the youngest still likes them. The “Little House Christmas” is just a good picture of how children celebrated in the past.  A good reminder for us all to keep things simple.

The other book we like to read is “The Real Story of St. Nicholas”.  Around here celebrating St. Nick night is a big thing. St. Nick comes the night of December 5th bringing good kids candy and treats and the naughty ones coal.  It is actually where Santa Claus originally came from, though the Santa Claus, as we know him today was created by Clement C. Moore in his story “Twas the Night Before Christmas”.  The original St. Nick is from Nicholas a man who lived in Asia Minor in the 4th century.  He was the Bishop there.  A friend of his had 3 daughters who would not be able to marry because they did not have a dowry.  He secretly dropped it in through a window one night and it landed in their shoes, which is why often we put out shoes or stockings for St. Nick to fill.

One book I forgot to add to my stack, is called, “Bartholomew’s Passage” an advent story to be read daily during December.  It is kind of a difficult story talking about a boy and how he was captured by Romans, and taken into slavery.  I will not spill the beans, but it ends with him visiting the stable where baby Jesus is.  I found it was a good one to read with the boys because it had enough action and adventure to keep their attention.  We found ourselves reading it because we needed to find out what happened!!


There are 3 books in this collection:  “Tabitha’s Travels”, “Jotham’s Journey” and “Bartholomew’s Passage”.

Some people like to wrap the books up and open them each night in the month of December.  We have never done that.  I just put them in a basket or something and we pull them out whenever we feel like reading them.

We kind of like books a lot around here.  Do you have any recommendations for us??  Remember, they are mostly teens now so picture books just don’t cut it.






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