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My Life is Nuthin but Fun…..

Said tongue in cheek whenever life gets a little stressful.

Its a little stressful.  I have my living room all a mess yet, after 2 days, working on putting up the Christmas tree and redecorating for Christmas.

Horse Daughter left for the weekend yesterday afternoon after, sadly discovering money missing from her giving envelope……..  Another loss of money in our family this year.  We can’t understand it and it breaks our hearts to think that we have to lock up our money because its mysteriously disappearing.

Horse Daughter being gone means that I am in charge of horses and dogs.  The first night, last night, before it started pouring and pouring on the horses that are outdoors, I forgot to feed them their hay.  Luckily, they are over on pasture that still has some grass in it.

I woke up early this morning remembering that I had forgotten them.  Poor horses.

Early, as I said previously,  before coffee, I heard a noise in the garage and opened the garage door only to have a terrible smell rush past me.  The 2 big dogs had been locked out all night because of the terrible smell.

Max is up to his old tricks again. I caught him again, and dragged his GODAWFUL smelly butt back out to the garage.  Kaya was innocently dragged into the drama.  She was the good girl.

I don’t have any idea what in the world he got into this time, but it smells AWFUL!!

Hubby and Son #6 went and fed the horses,( I hope they fed them enough), and I dragged the stinky dog to the basement where we have now set up a sprayer in the shower stall.  Its not perfect but it will work in emergencies like this.

Its a good thing he is used to baths and such.  He does behave rather well for them.  I used dish soap on him to get the smell out.  His nice new collar is out on the line in the rain.

I opened booth garage doors to air out the garage and I will have to wash is bed and collar later today.

Praise God!!  I get to leave for 2 days tomorrow, and the 3rd is the “Nutcracker Ballet” and lunch with friends.  3 days off!!

I laughingly joke with that I am going to show up at her door one of these days.  She posts such beautiful pictures of Austria.  Luckily, I am looking at 2 days away already or I might just be on a plane right now headed to her door!!!   One of these days Anna!! hehee.

I pray your day is better than mine!


And Merry Christmas!!!




2 thoughts on “My Life is Nuthin but Fun…..

  1. Talking about smelly dogs, Swingle, even though shortcoated humms a bit and hates the bath, so we bought some dry shampoo but haven’t had the courage to try it! Still no snow snow here, but maybe tomorrow……….the ski resorts are all saying how its ok with them as they’ve made pretend snow- Has the rain stopped by you yet??????


    1. TODAY!! The SUN is shining!! Where we are, there are still flood warnings posted until Thursday. But the SUN!!!!!
      I am not even sure the ski resorts can make snow- its been too warm yet. I feel bad for them…


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