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9 Things to Think About When Goal Setting

This will be part 2 in the series of goal setting and organizing my year.  I will have at least one more post about my word for the year and maybe at the end of this month a post about what I actually used in the planner and what worked so far.  

As I wrote about last week, you know I have been working on planning for 2016.  I have the planner out and ready for this first week.  No, it’s not all filled out with to do’s and goals and such.  I have a few things filled out, the calendar for the month, the blog topic calendar for the month and this week’s calendar.  I just want to keep things organized, keep from starting way too many projects, and keep the focus on what we really want to accomplish this year. But I don’t want to waste all my time filling out lists and forms.

Last year, it actually worked out pretty well.

True confessions: last year was really the first, maybe second year I have ever set goals for the year.  I even had a word for the year, which I had never done before. I will do a post about that at some point, when I get the word for this year.

As I was thinking about setting goals for this year, I thought about some things that may help you in your own goal setting.  Here is the list of 9 things that I thought about when setting my/our goals for the year.

Set SMART goals.  Are your goals S.pecific, M.easurable, A.chieveable, R.ealistic, T.imely?  stock-vector-smart-goal-setting-business-concept-257846305

  1. A Specific goal gives you answers to the how you are going to get there. It’s great to say you want to lose weight, but a better, more specific goal that answers the how, when, and what,  would be to say, “Join a health club and get there 3 days a week.”
  2. How would you Measure your goal? How do you know you have achieved it?  Have you joined that health club?  Have you worked out?
  3. Is this goal actually something you could Achieve?? Is joining a health club actually something you could maintain?  For me, I have to get outside and work on something.  A health club is not something that works.
  4. Is it a Realistic goal?? The goal to lose 100 lbs. is great but is it doable?  Is working out 7 days a week are realistic goal when you haven’t worked out a day in your life??
  5. Timely, does your goal have a time frame?  When do you want to lose 100 lbs. by??  February 28th? That is not realistic.  But setting the goal to lose 5 lbs. by the 28th is and setting the time frame will help you focus.
  6. Do you have an immediate goal? Like something you want to accomplish in the next 24 months?  For me, paying off the debt for the furnace and boiler is a huge thing.  That is one of my immediate goals. k2316314
  7. What are your short term goals? Like in the next 2-5 years?  I would like to get some of my books published and maybe earn some money.  I also would like to work on getting a more consistent check with Young Living.  I don’t really want to be a Royal Crown Diamond in the company, I don’t have the time it takes to do that, but a consistent check would be helpful.
  8. How about your long term goals? We haven’t taken time to do that before this past year.  Retirement seemed so far away and we were busy raising kids. Now, we are starting to think a little more serious about what we want to see in the future.  Paying off the house is huge on our list as is traveling.
  9. What can you do to accomplish those goals now? Using the SMART tool, how can you set specific small goals in order to reach your larger goals?  Prioritize your goals and look at what you need to do to accomplish them.

I hope some of this helps you as you are thinking about your new year.  Many of you are figuring out already that your resolutions are not lasting.  Here is an idea, set a SMART goal so that you are successful at your New Year’s resolutions.

imagesHave you set goals for the year before??  How did it work out? Did you use any tools to help you with your goals or what did you do to help you succeed?  If you failed miserably, have you tried it again?  Why not??




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