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Not Today, Satan

I am reblogging this post today because well, I NEEDED this encouragement today and I am sure some of you do to. My day wasn’t as bad as hers, it was just an all around irritating day. I love her line, “Silly Satan, Tricks are for Kids”!!
It is the first week back to school for many of you after Christmas break or at least, the first week of a New Year. Call on your angels and declare NO MORE!!! Pray for each other today.

2 R Better Than 1

Mid-Week Motivation

Some days we wake up energized with a song in our hearts ready to take on the world.  Other days we wake up grumpy and focused on the dark cloud looming above us rather than its silver lining.

Ever stub your toe first thing in the morning and greet the day with a few expletives or euphemisms for expletives? Run into your ex and his  perfect, new girlfriend at church? Drop a ring down the garbage disposal that you borrowed from a friend?  What about getting up on the wrong side of the bed?   Perhaps it’s 12° outside, your gas tank is running on fumes, and you left your wallet at home. Yeah, that was my reality this morning. To all those things, let’s just say “Not today, Satan!”

I’ve noticed that I’m most vulnerable to his attacks when I’m tired, hungry, or homesick. Just when I figure…

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