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Shopping Saturday

As you all know from my planning posts earlier this week, I have been trying to stay on a sort of schedule this week.  The planners fault I would say…

I actually was surprised at how much I did get done, how much free time I ended up having and how much easier it has been to have writing ideas.  I am pleasantly surprised.  I have much more to do but am getting it done.

Except cleaning.

Maybe tomorrow.

I have vacuumed and the kids helped me with keeping up with that this week.  It’s the kitchen and the bathrooms that just are not getting done.  Hopefully, tomorrow we can conquer them.

But I am getting off topic.

Shopping Saturday….

I thought I would highlight a type of oil.   I have not played around with these much yet, but after learning more about them, I just might!

These oils are the Evergreen Collection.  Perfect for winter!!  They are Northern Lights Black Spruce, Idaho Blue Spruce and Pine.  As you can guess, these oils are known for their intense woodsy scent, but also for so much more!black-spruce

Both the Blue and Black Spruce is high in Monoterpenes, actually according to my desk reference for Black Spruce, up to 55%!!  Monoterpenes occur in practically all essential oils, and in many different ways.  Most tend to cleanse the toxins from the liver and kidneys and inhibit them from accumulating.  They tend to have a stimulating effect and can be very soothing to irritated tissues. Most of the conifer oils have a high proportion of terpenes. (from the Reference Guide. See Note.)

5342Historically, “the Lakota Indians used Spruce to enhance their communication with the Great Spirit.” (from the Reference Guide. See Note.)3093

Pine is actually up to 80% in Monoterpenes!!  All three oils also are high in a long list of other chemicals that are powerful including Limonene, 16%, and Sesquiterpenes.  Both are powerhouse chemicals that help heal the body. (from the Reference Guide.  See Note.)

Historically, Pine was used by the American Indians to treat scurvy.  It was also used to treat pneumonia, mental and emotional fatigue and nervous exhaustion.  They also stuffed mattresses to repel fleas and lice!! (from the Reference Guide. See note.)

3618All three oils are great for cleaning, as you may have guessed from the “Pine-Sol” cleaner we are familiar with.  They are antibacterial, and antiseptic and also antimicrobial.  We also know, now, that most commercial cleaners are full of lots of other chemicals that we do not want.  We do not need to use them any longer now that we have LOTS of essential oils to choose from.

I would take my usual vinegar and water recipe for cleaning the floors and add a few drops of Pine essential oil. It will make a good floor cleaning recipe even ROCK that floor!!

I could add a few, 2-3 drops depending on the level of cleaning I need to do, add it to a cup of baking soda.  Then use that mix for scrubbing my sinks. Once your rag is saturated from cleaning the sinks, keep going!  Use that rag on the stove top and clean off all that grease from last night’s supper.  Get inside that filthy microwave oven.  Nuke a small bowl of water first to loosen up the grime and then wipe it all out with that baking soda rag.

You will need to make sure you rinse everything well as that baking soda will leave a film if you don’t.  Don’t worry, you will see where you missed a spot!!

You can also just take that baking soda and oils mixture and put it into a nice container and leave it open in your bathroom, especially the boys bathroom, for a nice room freshener.

These oils are all noted for their “grounding” properties creating a sense of balance to your body and emotions. Great for diffusing in particularly stressful times.

If you are interested in ordering your own oils, or even just checking out my Young Living website go to

Let me know if you have visited in the comments. If you have any questions, I will do my best to get you an answer.  I have much to learn so I look forward to looking up your question so that we both know.



Information gathered from the Young Living website or from my copy of the “Reference Guide for Essential Oils” by Connie and Alan Higley. 



5 thoughts on “Shopping Saturday

  1. Hey Vicki! I wanted to stop by and check out your blog after you visited mine. I love the name! And wow, mom to 9!…We plan to homeschool soon so it looks like we have that in common. If you have any questions about starting to monetize please let me know–I can either write about it or we can email! Don’t hesitate to contact me. 🙂


    1. That’s so much!! I appreciate it and I just may take you up on that!! Thanks for stopping by.. if I can help in your homeschool journey, I would love to!!


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