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9 Ways to Keep Control Of Your House

Jumping on the cleaning and organizing bandwagon right now.  Everyone else is doing it, I may as well too… I used the “Today is the Day” graphic because I want you to start TODAY.

My Dad would say right now, “If everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you do that too?”  Right now, I probably would not.  It’s too cold and well… I have a little bit of fear in me…

By the way, I really like the planner and schedule!!  I did pretty well following the plan and kept things organized last week. Many pages remained blank, but the ones I used were filled up.  I still don’t have a word for the year, but I am not worried.  I have a couple of thoughts, but I won’t share them yet.

This post though is about keeping control of your house.  By that I mean, cleaning and organizing.

(Lord knows all control flew out the window the minute little “Johnny” was born!!  For sure, once he hit teen years…)

I thought I would list the 9 ways I keep things organized and cleaned.  I lived for 20 years with lots of kids, in a little house with little storage and a musty basement so I couldn’t store much down there.

I learned how to purge stuff!

I also learned that I needed to keep up with cleaning or it got out of control.

  1. That is my number 1 tip for you: Keep up with the cleaning. Get yourself on some sort of schedule.  Fly Lady has some great tips for that and tons more if you need a little help in that area.  Personally, I do laundry on Monday or Tuesday.  Clean the bathrooms on Saturday.  Vacuum Tuesday and Thursday.  Other jobs happen on Wednesday and Friday.  That is the current schedule-ish…  It is what I have in mind and sometimes it works.  Sometimes it doesn’t.
  2. Clean up the kitchen right after meals. This one is my set in stone.  I like my kitchen cleaned up and counters washed off.  Yes, it happens 2 or 3 times a day, but it makes me happy so it happens.
  3. Which sends me to number 3… After dinner, when the dishes are done, clean up and wipe down the sink. Wipe off the faucet, around the sink, the stove and get everything organized for the next day.  Trust me.  It will help you.  Trust Fly Lady too.  It’s her first thing. If you are not a cleaner or organizer, start there.  Small victories.

(Unfortunately in our house, by bedtime, the sink is full again.  The young adults in my house get hungry about 830 so I wake up in the morning to a sink full of dishes again. I try…)

  1. Set a timer. You would be surprised at how much you can get done if you set a timer.  Another Fly Lady tip.  I set a timer and get everyone going.  We might turn on some loud 80’s tunes and rock out or we might just race to see who can get their area cleaned first and best.
  2. Yes, I do get the kids involved and we all work together. There is no such thing as boy’s jobs or girls jobs around here. If you live here, you help keep it cleaned. Recall, we are parenting with the end in mind.  Do you want to hear your daughter in law complaining that your son does nothing around the house to help her??   I didn’t think so. motherlode-chores-tmagArticle


  1. Keep things to a minimum. Who wants all that junk taking over your house??  GET RID OF IT!!!  Sell some of your stuff.  There are lots of sites that you can do that on.    Look at your stuff.  Is it something you use?  Good.  Find a good place to store it.  Has it been sitting there for month not being used? Will it be in the coming months??  Find a good place to store it.  Has it been there for 6 months not being used?  Will it be??  Get rid of it or find a good place to store it.

Notice a theme??  Look- If you are realistically not going to use it, get rid of it.  It is just stuff- you can get more at another time!  As long as you get rid of something first.

  1. Which is tip 7. If you want to get something new, get rid of something old before you do that. Look around, do you already have it stored away somewhere??  Maybe you do.  Maybe it’s not the best, most advanced, so what.  If it’s usable yet, use it.  If it’s not, GET RID OF IT.
  2. Go through those clothes. Do you wear it?  Will you wear it?  Hang some hangers the opposite way in your closet if you are not sure.  After a month, are they still that way?  Out it goes.
  3. Go through those toys. Will they play with them?  Do they?  Sometimes I would put toys away in a closet where they could not get at them.  I would then rotate out toys but also get rid of those that don’t get played with much.

Keep things under control and they won’t control you.  Stuff is just stuff.  Keep a few things that you really like or are attached to and get rid of the rest and you will get a handle on your house.

What are your “set in stone” must do cleaning tips??  How about organizing??  Would love to hear your ideas and maybe they will help someone else.





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