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Saturday Shopping

First of all, a quick update.  I got my first shipment from ePantry this past week.  I was not disappointed!!  All the items came, nothing was not what I thought it was.  Everything was carefully packed in the box and even taped shut in case it froze and popped open or just popped open in shipping.  I even have enough credit already to get my next shipment pretty much free!

So far, I am happy with this company and their program.  All you have to do is grab the link that is available, add it to your own facebook page, and tell your friends about it.  Easy.

The other company I have been using is itWorks!  We have been getting their Greens, and we love them!  The kids even remind me to give them their greens!!  I get the larger, Berry flavored can because I am giving them to 7 of us daily.

I have noticed that I no longer need that extra cup of coffee in the afternoon to “make it til bedtime”!!  I also have not been using Nexium every single day.  I feel better and it seems that my family members do to.

medium (2)I have noticed less complaints from the kids for various issues- headaches and acne in particular.  I see that their moods, in general, seem to be much more stabilized.  Especially the teens.  (A huge improvement right there!!)

Here is the description from the website:

Now you can get even more of the alkalizing, energizing, and detoxifying Greens you love with the new Greens Value Size. It’s three times the amount of Greens and its pH-balancing blend, now supercharged with an acidity-fighting combination of magnesium and potassium for even more alkalizing properties. The addition of a cutting-edge probiotic helps you better maintain that healthy balance by keeping your digestive system regular and toxins flowing out.

With multiple servings of fruits and vegetables and a blend of 38 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods, Greens provides naturally occurring, bioavailable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and enzymes to give your already well-balanced diet a nutritional boost.

In the Young Living groups I am involved in, I have been learning that it is important to keep your body alkaline which keeps you feeling good.  It is the acidic state that makes us sick.  There is some research that points to diets high in sugars and acidic foods actually will feed tumors and fungi in the body.

The Greens helps us to support healthy eating and keeping our bodies working at an optimal level. They are loaded with good stuff.  Other research points to supplementing our mineral and enzymes because we don’t get enough of them as a regular part of our diets.  I love that they are included in every serving!

ItWorks is known mainly for their wraps.  These wraps actually work very well to eliminate cellulite in the belly and thighs.  I have not used them yet but many people have and love them!

Another product is the WOW which stands for Wipes Out Wrinkles.  My friend tested it on her mother and you could see very clearly where she had applied it to the wrinkles and it improved the appearance.   What an amazing product!

Just click on the link and check out the products for yourselves.  As usual, any of the links on the right you can click on to go to the site and explore.  You can also so as I have, share the products and get them free or cheaper.



PS if you have any products you would like me to check out, leave a comment.  I have yet to play with this one, but zulily has an opportunity to build up credits for purchases on their sites.  Have any of you tried that yet??




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