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9 Ways To Keep Mom Sane

It is February and things are starting to melt.  It’s muddy and wet outside.  Not much fun for Moms because the kids go outside and get all wet and muddy and then we have to wash their clothes and their bodies.  If they stay inside they are wild and have obviously been cooped up too long.  How about a few sanity saving tips for you??

  1. Get out for a walk. Take the kids if you want, they would benefit from the walk as well.  There are lots of paved paths through parks now, which is nice at this time of year.  But, better, leave the kids behind for a walk all by yourself.  If all you can do is get outside and walk up and down the driveway, do that!  A walk alone will do wonders for your sanity, especially right now!
  2. Let the kids fend for themselves for a half an hour. They can surely be entertained by a movie or playing in their rooms.  NO- DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT let them have the run of the house during that time.  They can be taught to spend a little time on their own, in their rooms or playroom if you have one while you take your shower in peace.  If you have a baby gate, put it up in the doorway to keep them in there.  No, it is not child abuse.  No, it is not bad parenting.  It is a good thing to teach your child some limits and that you need a little time to yourself.
  3. Get someone to watch the kids for an hour and go meet a friend. A friend can change the course of your day!!  Go to her house, go for coffee somewhere. Get an ice cream.  Do what you have to do to get that little boost of sanity!
  4. On that same note, get the movie, “Mom’s Night Out” and have a movie night with some friends. Pop some popcorn, have some wine, whatever trips your trigger, and laugh!  That movie is awesome for us Moms who are struggling with this whole parenting thing!
  5. Get out to dinner with the Hubby. He will love the time together and you will too!!  Remember why you got married in the first place or better yet, reconnect and find out why you are still married.  Enjoy some married life!
  6. Yes, nap time is awesome!  Not only do they need naps, but sometimes, so do we.  During that nap time, if you are lucky enough to still have one who naps, teach the other kids, if you need to, that nap time is quiet time. Even if you don’t have nappers, the kids can be taught to take some quiet time. They can read, play with quiet toys, color, etc….  You can take a little time to read by yourself or better yet, take a nap yourself!!  Yes, I know that may not happen every day, but be consistent about this time being quiet time.  Even if you don’t get a nap or to read yourself, that quiet will go a long way towards helping your sanity!  And, as a bonus, you may find that they are more peaceful as well!
  7. What is your secret talent or hobby? You know, that one that you did before you had children but don’t seem to have time for anymore??  Pull it out and start it again!  Teach your kids how to do it, if they are interested.  Even if all you get it 15 min this little treat can help quite a bit!  Or take up a new skill like journaling, coloring or yarn craft.  Each of those can be picked up and put down after a short time easily.
  8. Set a timer for 15 min. Clean up that area that has been driving you nuts for weeks now.  See how far you can get in just 15 min.  You will actually be amazed at how much you can get done in that amount of time, and what a sense of accomplishment you will have!  That really helps to bring some sanity into my life!
  9. Laugh with your kids.  Find some funny games to play or books to read.  I love to read Shel Silverstein poems with the kids and also Don and Audrey Wood books.  They are hysterical!  Our favorite is “King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub”.  Share some corny jokes- they never get old!  Find ways to enjoy your time together.  Trust me, it really does go by fast!


I hope these things help you to get a little sanity into your life!  In and amongst all of these things, Pray.  Pray for your kids. Pray with your kids.  Pray.  That is the most important thing you can do to keep your sanity.

What do you do to keep sane in those times when you feel like you are losing it??



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