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Some Cleaning and Organizing Helps..

Lots of it happening around here right now.  I shared that there was a bit of a water problem that happened a week ago now.  I have been waiting for the carpet padding to be replaced and the carpet to be relaid properly.  We have been “making do” all week and losing books and materials left and right!!  I have piles of books and stuff all over the house at this point.

Which is kind of what I do anyways when I begin to reorganize.  Make a HUGE mess!!!

Yea..  All those areas need to be cleaned off so that they can be rearranged and reorganized and it makes a huge mess.  I have piles and piles and piles.  The kids are getting irritated because they can’t play on the computer and have not been able to even play in the living room until I got the carpet fixed and then, cleaned.  There were some mold spots that had to be dealt with properly.  I used Thieves cleaner on them initially to kill that mold and then used it the carpet cleaner solution tank to be sure that all mold in the carpet is dead and gone.

Thieves has been proven to kill 99% of molds in several scientific studies.  It has definitely come in handy around here as I am dealing with those mold issues and sick kids.  I am so glad that my Essential Rewards order already has Thieves oil on it and I will be getting more this month!!

It smells so good.  1e68d857-f9c8-44d7-b006-d99a4e781119

Now is the time to clean, dust, vacuum, and get rid of excess stuff that just never gets used.  I have a dust mitt I got from Norwex.  I love it!  It pulls up so much dust without all the chemicals.

I have 2 boxes and a pile of stuff next to them of books and audio books that need to go.  Some are going to our church library.  Some are going to a used book sale and then GoodWill.  This time around, books and such are mostly the things that got the boot.

I took a relatively unused room in our house, (Weird.  An unused room.  IN our house.  We are moving in the right direction!)  and turned it into an office for me.  I have 2 desks in here- one so I can write and the other for drawing.  I have also many of my drawing books, oils books, and a few other books on a bookshelf in here.  King quote

We cleaned, dusted, cleaned out the cobwebs, got rid of a bunch of stuff, have more to get rid of later, and ran a diffuser in here for a day. The floor was scrubbed with Thieves cleaner and I ran Purification in the diffuser.

In the Family room, we organized the computer area into a new spot. One more visible, I think.  Dusted, removed excess stuff and put it back together.  I organized our school books and supplies onto a new shelf area and on that same shelf, I put our “currently in use” books.  Now, everything is in one spot, easily accessible, and best of all, neat!

I organized our school materials, the collection of other stuff I have for future use, by topic and put them all together on one shelf.  I now have 2 shelves with stuff we use or will use.  I have two other shelves loaded with picture books, chapter books and comic books that are just fun to read.  That is pared down quite a bit as I had shelves overfilled with books before!

Yes, I have them organized by type and sometimes, by series.  I tried to keep them in order, but after a while, I just wanted to get them on the shelves!!  I will work on putting them in order later.  I am a little anal about my books…


We moved the Lego area to a slightly larger space in another corner of the room.  I really didn’t touch that.  I know, I should have.  But, I did give them a huge dresser with drawers for several of their types of Lego parts and they are STILL all over the floor!  In boxes at least..  Mostly.  While cleaning I rediscovered some Lego stickers that I want to put up in that area now.  We also put a shelf there so that they can display their creations and I can put some of the books we have about Legos on.

I cleaned the couches out as well.  Suddenly youngest son has LOTS of socks!  His habit is to take off his socks while sitting down there on the couch and, mysteriously, the socks get stuck in the couch never to be seen again………………… sigh…..

Not much money. But lots of toys and socks.

And that ends my cleaning and rearranging escapade for now.  Until this afternoon when I get at all the piles of leftover stuff.  Maybe now I will get back to cleaning and organizing the rest of the house????

Have you started spring cleaning yet?  What is your best tip for cleaning??  Your favorite cleaner??

If you are interested in the cleaning products I mentioned in this post, click on the links to the right.  Both will take you to the page where you can find out more.





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