A Love Story.

20160306_141655I fell in love all over again the other day.

Youngest son took Grandbaby outside and showed him all over the yard.  He took him on the swing, he sat Grandbaby on his lap, very carefully.

He took him down the slide.  Sat him on his lap and slid down the slide very carefully.

He and Grandbaby sat on the snow, and he made Grandbaby his first snowman.

Youngest talked to Grandbaby the whole time, telling him about this and that.  Grandbaby couldn’t move because of his snowsuit so he was sort of a prisoner of Youngest Son.  His pacifier was in his mouth so he couldn’t protest.

His eyes, though, took in everything.

Youngest showed him the targets that he would teach him to use when he got older.  He showed him the trees to climb and the forts to play in.  He showed him the horses and the chickens.

And this Momma’s heart melted……

To be honest, every time my big rough tough boys, take that baby and show him their cars, play with him and love on him, my heart melts..  They will make awesome Fathers someday.

They have had a great model to follow.




9 thoughts on “A Love Story.

  1. I’m asked sometimes where are the good men have gone. Well, some are in training. And the training has less to do with words and all the world to do with actions. I’m proud to share a gender with your boys, V.


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