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What Has Made Me Smile This Week?

Keeping the focus on the good things that happen is a good thing.  Generally speaking, we can find good in even the worst or hardest things that happen.  For instance, 2 weeks ago there was a burst pipe in the basement.  It was a mess.  The carpet was sopping wet, everything in the utility room was soaked.  There was water everywhere.  It affected 3 rooms in the house.  I was expecting that the carpet was ruined and that we would have to replace it.  I expected a big insurance bill because of all the repairs that would need to be done. be-happy-no-thankful-173059-530-353_large

Instead, we were able to just pull up the carpet and remove the soaking wet pad. Hubby has a friend who owns a carpet cleaning and installing company who called right back and told us what to do about the carpet.  Lots of the kids were here to help and pitched right in.  We have 2 shop vac’s that sucked up most of the water.

A week later, once everything was completely dry, his company came and replaced the pad and relaid the carpet.  It was a reasonable expense, not thousands for all new flooring.  But hundreds to repair the existing flooring.

It was only water.  Let me repeat that, for myself really, it was ONLY water!

When we started really looking around then that night, we found that 3 bookshelves that were all along one wall, had molded all along their bottoms.  Two enough to leave mold stains on the carpet, and one enough to have stained the books that were on that shelf.   We realized that could be why Youngest Son has been coughing and sick so often.  Hubby was able to fix the shelves so that we could still use them, shorter, but still usable.  I didn’t have to go buy new shelves.

In the cleanup, we made a plan.  One of them was that we were going to put all the computer stuff in an unused bedroom. (Did you see that????  An UNUSED bedroom!!  Didn’t think I would ever see that day!!)  I rethought that idea because I didn’t like the idea of a kid’s computer set up alone in the bedroom. There is no accountability.  I prefer it in the open, in the living room where they can be seen.

Instead, we put all the printers in here, 2 desks and a shelf and made this my office.  MY OFFICE!!  I have an office!!!

And I have been using it for what it has been made for!  Writing and drawing.

So, yes, it was a mess.  Yes, it was hard because it was that “one more thing” in a long list of things that have been happening around here.  But, as you can see, good things came of it.  It ended up being a blessing.

Other things that have made me smile this week-

  1. The post I put up earlier this week, about Youngest Son and Grandbaby, had gotten HUGE response! You can go here to see it for yourself.  It was really the sweetest thing.  I always get mushy when I see my big, hulking, tough boys, fawning all over babies.  Even if one isn’t quite yet big and hulking, it still gets me.
  2. I got some time this week to play with the horses. I didn’t ride, but I did get to play and help Youngest Princess with her horse.
  3. I got some time to get away last night and work and write on some of my projects.
  4. # 4 Son had kind of a big week this week. He passed his driver’s test, and starting some acting classes last night.  Tonight, he goes to audition for their production, “Tom Sawyer”.  He is a bit nervous, but excited.


Life is good.

What has made you smile this week??  What have you struggled with that, if you look closer, you will find that there are some blessings hidden inside??




2 thoughts on “What Has Made Me Smile This Week?

  1. I love that you took what would be a really, really frustrating experience and found the silver lining in it!

    What a feel good way to start my Saturday. Thank you!


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